30 Inspiring Exploring Quotes

Exploring is defined as the act of searching for things in pursuit of discovery. In that sense, we are all explorers in life. We venture into the unknown without knowing what lies ahead in our lives. We explore with our religion, our education, our drugs, our career, and even with our sexuality. In the earlier […]

30 Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes On Success

30 Inspiring Jeff Bezos Quotes On Success

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Why The Rich Gets Richer And The Poor Gets Poorer

This world is filled with rich people and poor people. While some of us are lucky enough to have more than we need in life, others are unfortunate and struggle to survive on a daily basis. This disparity between the rich and the poor existed since the start of civilization, and rich people are often […]

Why The Majority Fail To Become Wealthy

Why Is It So Tough To Become rich?

Negatives Of Being An Employee vs. An Entrepreneur


Is The Government Controlling Your Thoughts And Actions?

The Government wants to control our way of life because it is easier to control us that way. Ever since the Roman Empire began, the ruling class have always sought diabolical ways in order to control the masses. Governments all around the world have tried to control its population by dubious methods in order to […]

Why Are People So Miserable At Their Jobs?

7 Lifestyle Improvements To Make If You Want To Get Rich Soon

How to Achieve Greatness: Live And Learn

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