20 Adam Saleh Inspirational Quotes On Success

Adam Saleh Quotes

Adam Mohsin Yehya Saleh is his full name. Adam Saleh is a famous YouTuber who created daily vlogs with his family. His nationality is American, and ethnicity is Yemeni. He has two brothers and three sisters. Adam Saleh was born in the year 1993, the 4th of June. His passion for vlogging started many years ago, on his YouTube channel his oldest video dates to 7 years. For 7 years straight Adam Saleh created videos daily, as he continued to do daily vlogs his fame grew and now, he is known as a celebrity worldwide. Adam Saleh’s work rate is what made him wealthy and successful in the YouTube industry, he is the living proof that hard work and being consistent is what is required to achieve your goals and dreams.

  1. “Don’t let anybody tell you what you gonna be.” – Adam Saleh
  2. “Stay positive & keep smiling.” – Adam Saleh
  3. “Don’t get peer pressured into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. You make your own decisions, don’t let other people control you.” – Adam Saleh
  4. “A lot of respect for Hijabis who go to public school. You gotta go through so muchhhh bullcrap! Be strong, be proud, be YOU 🙂 X” – Adam Saleh
  5. “Help others from your heart… without expecting something from them in return.

    Allah will help you double the times you help others.” – Adam Saleh
  6. It sucks how Muslim girls are treated different than Muslim boys… everyone should be treated equally no matter what gender.” – Adam Saleh
  7. “Ain’t nobody gonna love you like I love you.” – Adam Saleh
  8. I can’t wait til I fight on the 29th. Ima make a STATEMENT to these wannabe boxers on youtube.” – Adam Saleh
  9. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Always keep your loved ones happy and stay close to Allah.” – Adam Saleh
  10. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” – Adam Saleh

  11. “If you’re reading this then I hope something good happens to you today 🙂 much LOVE!” – Adam Saleh
  12. “If a Muslim boy is allowed to go to College and work, so should a Muslim girl. They don’t HAVE to be a housewife and do nothing with their lives. They’re MORE than that.” – Adam Saleh
  13. “And I’m still on twitter, IG and snap pretty much everyday keeeep smiling !! Love you guys.” – Adam Saleh
  14. Thank you all for understanding!!! Don’t be sad!! I’m still gonna try my best to upload everyday and when I can!! Just gonna focus more on my health now.” – Adam Saleh
  15. You are never ever too old to stop NEEDING your Dad.” – Adam Saleh

  16. I remember being in Saudi and this 9 year old fan was like ‘Do you like Trump?’ I said NOOOO!! And she said ‘But why? He loves Saudi and he came here last week’ and I was like, IDC girllll, if Trump loves pizza then I hate pizza .” – Adam Saleh
  17. If it wasn’t for the Ka3ba being in Saudi Arabia , I would never visit that country.” – Adam Saleh
  18. Don’t like it when people try to be your friend again after they go against you with a person you’ve warned them about a million times.” – Adam Saleh
  19. “You are NOT lazy, you are just busy with thoughts that are not important, minor. Focus on your goals and you will succeed InshAllah.” – Adam Saleh
  20. “You are in charge of how YOU feel and today you are choosing happiness. Hope you all are having a blessed day!! 🙂 x” – Adam Saleh

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