20 Inspiring Eden Hazard Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: January 7th 1991

Current Team: Chelsea F.C.

Nationality: Belgian  

Position: Forward

  1. “My target is to give everything, and only if we win the trophies will I be relaxed.” – Eden Hazard
  2. “I’ve had more ups than downs in my career. All you can do is keep working. You still have to take enjoyment out of what you’re doing, and things will turn, and my smile has always been there. In good moments and bad.” – Eden Hazard

  3. “I love cooking. There is nothing I like better than going home and cooking my family a nice meal. Anything with pasta! Pasta with butter! I have a good repertoire, and I can do quite a few different dishes. Sometimes they work out and sometimes not.” – Eden Hazard
  4. “If I ever leave, it’ll be after winning a championship. You need to go out on a high so that people remember you for the right reasons.” – Eden Hazard

  5. “When you are young, you sometimes play one good game and then one bad game.” – Eden Hazard
  6. “Why change? If you’re happy, and things are going really well at one place, there is no need to change.” – Eden Hazard
  7. “I ask myself what I can do to become like Messi and Ronaldo and score 50 or 60 goals in a season.” – Eden Hazard

  8. “Out of all the clubs who were interested, I got the feeling that, deep down, Chelsea showed that they really wanted me. There were lots of reasons I came to Chelsea. They showed a real desire to get me to come here. I didn’t have to think about it too much.” – Eden Hazard
  9. “I always liked No. 10 because I loved Zidane. He was my role model. I always wanted to play like him.” – Eden Hazard

  10. “I know how to make the difference. When I make the difference, I often do it at the end of the match, and that shows that I am fresh.” – Eden Hazard
  11. “The Premier League is difficult. The small teams can beat the big teams.” – Eden Hazard

  12. “It never became an obsession for me to score at all costs. I’ve always said that I’m not a big scorer, I’m a worker.” – Eden Hazard
  13. “Football is good, but family, close friends, my brothers – I have family everywhere – is the most important thing.” – Eden Hazard
  14. “We don’t look at records, but if we can make history in this club, we will. It’s not only about Chelsea, this league.” – Eden Hazard

  15. “You question yourself all the time as a footballer. You have to focus on the positives.” – Eden Hazard
  16. “Like Zidane I want to inspire the kids.” – Eden Hazard

  17. “I dont want to return to France, because Ive won everything there – league title, cup, best player, best young player.” – Eden Hazard
  18. “I’m not a top-five player yet.” – Eden Hazard
  19. “As a team, we had to give a response to everybody who watched the game against Italy, the way we responded was good and we really deserved this victory.” – Eden Hazard

  20. “Great players inspire you. The best player I played with was Gervi (Gervinho).” – Eden Hazard


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