20 Inspiring Manuel Neuer Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: March 27th 1986

Current Team: FC Bayern Munich

Nationality: West German & German

Position: Goalkeeper

  1. “Take what’s useful, leave out what’s useless, and add a bit of yourself!” – Manuel Neuer
  2. “You can plan, but what happens on a football field cannot be predicted.”Manuel Neuer
  3. “I do not like the red carpet; I prefer the green pitch.” – Manuel Neuer
  4. “A great, successful time together comes to an end. All the best.” – Manuel Neuer

  5. “As a goalkeeper, you like to be called upon.” – Manuel Neuer
  6. “For me, it’s more important to win a team award, like a World Cup.” – Manuel Neuer

  7. “Because life constantly poses challenges, living demands courage.” – Manuel Neuer
  8. “I’m not the sort of person who poses in their underwear.”Manuel Neuer
  9. “Bayern are a club where success is demanded, and second place isn’t particularly appreciated. We have a history and culture to respect.” – Manuel Neuer

  10. “Positions are just a social construct that mean nothing to the enlightened man.” – Manuel Neuer
  11. “As a goalkeeper, I talk a lot to my fellow players on and off the pitch.” – Manuel Neuer

  12. “I love to tackle, especially when the grass is wet, but my main aim is to be a complete goalkeeper who can do everything.” – Manuel Neuer
  13. “I did not know that Ramos would prefer to send his ball up to the heavens.” – Manuel Neuer
  14. “The team is the star at Manchester United.” – Manuel Neuer

  15. “I’m not the sort of person who poses in their underwear. I hate the red carpet. I prefer the green grass. After the games the highlights show mostly the goals, scoring chances, assists. The spectator tends not to remember that as a goalkeeper I make difficult saves at great risk and start moves with my efforts.” – Manuel Neuer
  16. “I know about the rules but this should not be a red card for the keeper. Arsenal was punished enough with the penalty.” – Manuel Neuer
  17. “I know how Mesut Ozil takes penalties.” – Manuel Neuer

  18. “Yesterday small surgery after injury on the left foot. Everything went great. Work hard now to get back into the team quickly.”Manuel Neuer
  19. “Top game: 1st – 2nd! 2 teams with 3 wins from 3 games – 2nd home game at the Wiesnzeit. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.”Manuel Neuer

  20. “Friends always meet again.”Manuel Neuer

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