20 Inspiring Marcelo Vieira Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: May 12st 1988

Current Team: Real Madrid C.F.

Nationality: Brazilian & Spanish

Position: Defender

  1. “On and off the field, we’ve come a long way!” – Marcelo Vieira

  2. “Children must be only children and enjoy their childhood: They should not be exploited during long days of work in mines or dumps.” – Marcelo Vieira
  3. “It is not easy to beat those who never give up.” – Marcelo Vieira

  4. “Everyone knows how much I love and have fun with my family, and through my channel you can get a little closer to our routine and the games we do together.” – Marcelo Vieira
  5. “Hard game today, we got 1 point! We continue our walk !!! Already thinking about the next game!” – Marcelo Vieira

  6. “Football allows us to make great friends and I know some of the best thanks to our passion for the ball.” – Marcelo Vieira
  7. “We spend all our lives playing as a team, ours is already prepared.” – Marcelo Vieira
  8. “As I always say: Whenever you have the ball at your feet, you can not be angry. You do not even need other people to play with you. Everything revolves around the ball.” – Marcelo Vieira

  9. “Thanks to football and my family today I am a complete person. I love and breathe football. I give my life for this. This is exactly what I want to show you: all the dedication, effort, courage and love!” – Marcelo Vieira
  10. “I love technology because with it I can be in two places at once. I do not lose anything!” – Marcelo Vieira

  11. “Today a hard day! But we’re never going to give up! I have been here for many years giving the maximum of me and I will continue giving! They kill us for things that are not true! Or have not understood or do not want to understand: my comment has been explicitly to the press, not our fans.” – Marcelo Vieira
  12. “We work every day to do something different.” – Marcelo Vieira

  13. “The family twelve always trains with a smile. We are soccer and joy.”
  14. “Closing the year with great courage, attitude and joy !!! Very happy to represent my country !!!” – Marcelo Vieira
  15. “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, always go accompanied.” – Marcelo Vieira

  16. “I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me!” – Marcelo Vieira
  17. “Let’s go Team! Step by step working hard as always!” – Marcelo Vieira
  18. “A very great Pride and a Giant responsibility to take this captain track! Very happy to represent my country!” – Marcelo Vieira

  19. “All my love and support for the city of Barcelona. Much strength.” – Marcelo Vieira
  20. “Wear it with pride and let’s create the future with Real Madrid C.F.” – Marcelo Vieira

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