20 Inspiring Paulo Dybala Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: November 15th 1993

Current Team: Juventus F.C.

Nationality: Argentine, Italian & Polish

Position: Forward

  1. “I do not throw myself down in the area, looking for a penalty, because I believe we should try to do things without being cursed and angry and without spitting on life.” – Paulo Dybala 

  2. “I was hoping that my father would recover. Today, I dream about him and I wake up in tears.” – Paulo Dybala 
  3. “The first shirt I brought to my house. Juventus was my destiny.” – Paulo Dybala 

  4. “Playing for Juventus is something you dream about when you’re a kid.” – Paulo Dybala 
  5. “People should know that I am Dybala, and I want to continue to be so. I understand the comparisons and expectations on me from the Argentines, but I don’t want to be the new Messi or the Messi of the future.” – Paulo Dybala 

  6. “You learn more from the negative things.” – Paulo Dybala 
  7. “I’m the kind of player who is never satisfied on the pitch. If I score twice, I’m already thinking about getting a third one.” – Paulo Dybala 
  8. “One penalty miss doesn’t change anything.” – Paulo Dybala 

  9. “I was asked to play for Italy, and I was very appreciative. I was 19, and I said, ‘No, thank you.’ It was very hard, but I am Argentinian, and it would have been deceit.” – Paulo Dybala 
  10. “Thanks mister for these magnificent 4 years where you have taught me above all to win! I wish you the best wherever you go!” – Paulo Dybala 

  11. “I’m lucky to play with Messi for the national team; I’ve learned many things. I can pick up a lot from him in terms of how he reads the play, how he thinks, how he sees the movement of his teammates. This will help me a lot for the future.” – Paulo Dybala 
  12. “I’ve always just wanted to succeed in everything that I do, and I know that Juventus is the perfect place to be if you want to win things.” – Paulo Dybala 
  13. “I’ll miss everything about Palermo. The people always made me feel at home; it will be impossible to forget my experiences there. Palermo made me become a man.” – Paulo Dybala 

  14. “I can learn a lot from Messi. Playing with him is a little complicated, because we play in the same position.” – Paulo Dybala 
  15. “My fourth season in. Another season in which we won, and in which I learned something: thanks to all the fans, always close. And thanks to the comrades, the staff, those who work in the club!” – Paulo Dybala 

  16. “Sorry for the defeat we didn’t deserve, but happy to be back on the field with this shirt. Now let’s prepare the party with the fans at home!” – Paulo Dybala 
  17. “The places in the heart of the city where you live become yours when you respect the legend.” – Paulo Dybala 

  18. “The captains suffer even more from defeats. They pass them slowly, in silence. The pain will pass, but the beauty of sport is that there is always another trophy, another Cup, another season. Vamos!” – Paulo Dybala 
  19. “When you’re used to winning, losing hurts. Let’s get up and react together!” – Paulo Dybala 
  20. “A point conquered in a battle! Now let’s close the year to the maximum!” – Paulo Dybala 

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