20 Inspiring Peter Jones Quotes On Success

Peter Jones is a businessman and an entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. His business interests lie in retail properties, leisure, media, television as well as mobile phones. He is one of the most successful British entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Peter Jones was born on the 18th of March in the year of 1966. He is currently 53 years old now. Peter Jones was born and raised in the small town of Maidenhead, which is in England and he attended the Desborough School as a kid and then subsequently finished his schooling years at The Windsor Boys’ School.

Peter Jones starting his entrepreneurial career when he set up a small business which consisted of him making personal computers and he created his own brand to roll out these personal computers from. He started this business when he was just 16 years old. In his early adult life, Peter Jones opened a cocktail bar in the city of Windsor which was based on the Hollywood movie “Cocktail” starring Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, Peter lost a whopping £200,000 when he decided to sell his computer business to IBM. This loss forced Peter to lose his home and move in with his parents in his late twenties.

  1. “A worldview contains a series of convictions and conclusions about the nature of the world that provide fundamental meaning and direction for our lives,”  Peter Jones

  2. “Behind every no entry sign there’s a door.” Peter Jones
  3. “Thus, traditional Western culture is under siege, and the immediate casualties are the millennials, who have unwittingly been seduced by aging progressivists (my peers, mind you!).” Peter Jones

  4. “There is God, and there is everything that is not-God—everything created and sustained by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Peter Jones
  5. “I passionately believe that you should start a company that you really believe in. Don’t start something that you have no interest in, start something that you’re passionate about.”Peter Jones
  6. “My kids aren’t getting my money. They don’t need it”Peter Jones
  7. “Behind every no entry sign there’s a door” – Peter Jones
  8. “Generally speaking, food has to be spicier than it would be if you tasted it on the ground.” – Peter Jones

  9. “Believe in yourself, never give up and go about your business with passion, drive and enthusiasm” – Peter Jones
  10. “In the past, information was presented as black text on white paper. As the world becomes more and more computer dependent, particularly in classrooms and in offices, not being able to easily differentiate between colors becomes more of a liability. Students can be left behind their classmates, and career advancement can be thwarted-all due to the challenges a color blind person faces trying to interpret colors on a computer screen.”Peter Jones

  11. “The decision to raise interest rates will further hit the interest rate sensitive residential market, deepening and extending the downturn.” – Peter Jones
  12. “You have to restore law and order, and that’s being done, and the (police) are in action on that.” – Peter Jones

  13. “It was a big dream for a school boy” – Peter Jones
  14. “Real failure, so they say, is not the falling down. Real failure is not getting up again.” – Peter Jones
  15. “we have given until we have no more to give; alas, it was pity, rather than love, we gave;” Peter Jones

  16. “For us to be successful, we need more development in SouthSouth trade and further integration.”Peter Jones

  17. “It is a Christian heresy, and church fathers spent years dealing with this stuff.”Peter Jones
  18. “After a thorough review of the many DMS solutions available we felt sure that Power, along with the company’s dedicated support, would equip us to meet the business opportunities and challenges going forward.”Peter Jones
  19. “Most airlines will take the wine on board the aircraft and taste it, because red wine in particular can taste quite different when drunk in-flight compared to on the ground.”Peter Jones

  20. “There weren’t quite as many as last year. I think the weather put some off a bit.”Peter Jones

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