20 Inspiring Philippe Coutinho Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: June 12th 1992

Current Team: FC Barcelona

Nationality: Brazilian

Position: Midfielder

  1. “I have always tried and always believed in myself, so I went after it, to do my best, to achieve my dream, and I always thought I’d achieve my dream. And I always, always wanted to be a football player.” Philippe Coutinho

  2. “Happy to be a part of that group.. good victory today!! come on reds.”Philippe Coutinho
  3. “You define the success of a player by his loyalty or his titles. Or both.”Philippe Coutinho

  4. “In Brazil, the one who wears 10 constructs the attacks. That is what I will try to do here. The number I have at Liverpool does not give me any added pressure. The pressure I have is to play well and do my best for the team. I know that I am representing a huge club, and I want to enjoy my football.”Philippe Coutinho
  5. “I work hard on the precision of my long shots, but you can’t plan it in games. Sometimes it all just opens up for you to give it a try.”Philippe Coutinho

  6. “I see football as a bit like a stairway, and you have to climb it bit by bit. First, you have to play good football so that you get to play for a good team. Then, hopefully you achieve such a level that you are invited to play for your national side, in time for a World Cup, if possible.”Philippe Coutinho
  7. “It’s an incredible feeling when you look across the dressing room and see Andres, Leo, Luis and Sergio Busquets, and everyone else. They are players I used to watch on TV or play with on PlayStation, and now I am sharing the same dressing room. It’s incredible for me.”Philippe Coutinho

  8. “What I need to do is to work hard and to always do my best to help the team.”Philippe Coutinho
  9. “I share everything with my family; all my happiness and success is theirs.”Philippe Coutinho
  10. “Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world… so far, nothing has come to me, because if anything comes, it comes to my manager.”Philippe Coutinho

  11. “Great team win! As always, we never walk alone! Our supporters were great today, like they are in every match!”Philippe Coutinho
  12. “My focus in the training sessions is always about movement to create openings and opportunities. When you don’t have the ball, you still need the discipline to know where you should be, who you should be marking, but when we have the ball, it is important to be able to move around.”Philippe Coutinho
  13. “Integrity, loyalty and respect are the great values and qualities my father taught me. What did yours teach you? This Father’s Day, show him how grateful you are for his lessons.”Philippe Coutinho

  14. “We all always strive to perform at our best to win for our teams, but we also know that success means nothing if you do not act with passion integrity and loyalty.”Philippe Coutinho
  15. “Great victory, as always we never walked alone. Our fans were there united, giving the greatest strength as ever!”Philippe Coutinho

  16. “Thank you and we know we gotta keep working hard through the season! Let’s go.”Philippe Coutinho
  17. “Back to training. Hard work and faith. / Back to training. Hard work and faith. Thanks GOD.”Philippe Coutinho
  18. “Thanks for all the messages of support, I hope to return as soon as possible and return the affection on the pitch.”Philippe Coutinho

  19. “I’m very happy today. I have to thank the LFC supporters in Indonesia, Autralia and Thailand.”Philippe Coutinho
  20. “I am very happy to receive this award, it means a lot to me. I have to thank LFC supporters.” Philippe Coutinho

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