30 Inspirational Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S) Quotes On Success

Ali Ibn Abi Talib, belonged to the family of Islam’s last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is one of the four caliphs who had ruled after the demise of Muhammad. He is the only person who was born in the Kaaba, in Mecca. The holiest building and place for Muslims. Ali was a warrior, a scholar, a teacher, a statesman, a judge, legal advisor to caliphs, a philanthropist and the rightful successor to Muhammad for a populous sect of Muslims. 

He was known to be the wisest man of his time. The enemies feared him for he was the greatest Muslim warrior and had participated fearlessly in almost all of the battles fought by the nascent Muslims. Apart from being Muhammad’s cousin, he later also became his son in law, as he married Muhammad’s daughter Fatima. Prophet Muhammad’s lineage is considered to have continued through Ali and Fatima since he did not have sons who could live past young ages.

Muhammad was raised by Ali’s father, and Ali was raised by Muhammad. He accepted Islam and joined Muhammad’s vision of preaching the religion when he was only 9. Which made him the youngest person and the first child to have accepted Islam.

Famous quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib:

  1. “When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  2. “He who trusts the world, the world betrays him.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  3. “Patience ensures victory.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  4. “He is the wisest and the most knowing man who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the Mercy of Allah and not to be too sure and over-confident of immunity from His Wrath and Punishment.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  5. “You should have hope in God alone and should fear nothing but your sins.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  6. “You are master of what you say until you utter it, once you deliver it, you are its captive. Preserve your tongue as you do your gold and money. One word could bring disgrace and the termination of a bliss.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  7. “When you get ill do not get nervous about it and try as much as possible to be hopeful.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  8. “Our followers are like bees which live among birds. None of the birds recognize the bees because of their small size and weakness. They would not treat them this way if they realized that these very small bees can carry honey which is very valuable in their stomachs.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  9. “You must be humble, as it is one of the greatest [forms of] worship.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  10. “There is no rest for the person who has envy, and there is no love for the person who has bad manners.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  11. “Not to have a thing is less humiliating than to beg it.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  12. “You must be humble, as it is one of the greatest [forms of] worship.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  13. “Take Care Of Your Tongue Like The Way You Take Care Of Gold & Silver.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  14. “It’s never the value of water but thirst, it’s never the value of life but death and it’s never about the friendship but trust.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  15. “Beware of speaking too much, for it increases mistakes and engenders boredom.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  16. “Surely silence can sometimes be the most eloquent reply.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  17. “A wise man always has something to say, whereas a fool always needs to say something.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  18. “Dislike in yourself what you dislike in others.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  19. “Backbiting is the attempt of one who is incapable of doing better himself.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  20. “How strange is man that when he is afraid of something he runs away from it, but when he is afraid of Allah, he gets closer to Him.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  21. “Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  22. “Smile even if your heart is dripping blood.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  23. “The tongue is like a lion. if you let it loose, it will wound someone.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  24. “Forgiveness is the best revenge.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  25. “It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that filled with hatred.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  26. “Anger is like a ball of fire, but if you swallow it, it’s sweeter than honey.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  27. “Evil doers never think well of anyone because they see others in their own nature.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  28. Conquer your lustful desires and your wisdom will be perfected.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  29. “Do not be a slave to others when Allah has created you free.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  30. “Be like the flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it.” ― Ali Ibn Abi Talib

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