30 Inspirational Harry Kane Quotes On Success

Profession: Football Player

Year Of Birth: July 28th 1993

Current Team: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Nationality: British  

Position: Forward

  1. “You come up against challenges in life, and it’s how you deal with them that defines you.” – Harry Kane

  2. “We created some good chances when we were 1-0 up, maybe we dropped a little too deep and we didn’t get enough pressure on the ball, there’s a lot we could have done better.” – Harry Kane
  3. “Beckham was a great inspiration to me growing up.” – Harry Kane
  4. “When I was growing up, Keane and Sheringham were my idols, and they wore 10. So it was always my dream to wear it.” – Harry Kane

  5. “It is a great boost for confidence in a squad when there is not just one or two players scoring goals, but the whole team is contributing.” – Harry Kane

  6. “We want to attack this tournament, we want to create chances, we want to score goals.” – Harry Kane
  7. “Obviously, everyone’s different, but I love just settling down and having a barbecue with my friends at the house.” – Harry Kane

  8. “We are so unlucky not to go through in 90 minutes, no one laid on the floor and we stood there when it counted. It was a big night for England.” – Harry Kane
  9. “My biggest weakness is steak. I have to be careful not to eat too much of it these days – but I do love it done medium rare, with peppercorn sauce.” – Harry Kane

  10. “I don’t want to do all weights. I want to get strong using my core and my natural power.” – Harry Kane

  11. “I take it season by season. I don’t like looking too far ahead, because you never know what can happen.” – Harry Kane
  12. “I went to see England against Switzerland at Wembley with my dad and brother, too. That was in 2008, Fabio Capello’s first game in charge. Jermaine Jenas scored, and we won 2-1. I remember the national anthem was incredible. I sang it with pride – always do.” – Harry Kane
  13. “When times are down, keep believing, keep working hard, and things will pick up.” – Harry Kane
  14. “Money is a bonus of the job, but it doesn’t always make you happy.” – Harry Kane

  15. “I think to progress in major tournaments and to be at your best, you need a big squad, and you need to rotate it.” – Harry Kane

  16. “Tom Brady is a big inspiration and a big idol of mine.” – Harry Kane
  17. “I don’t want to do all weights. I want to get strong using my core and my natural power.” – Harry Kane
  18. “Teams buy players and change managers if they feel they need change at the club.” – Harry Kane
  19. “I think self-belief is a massive thing in football. If you don’t believe in yourself, not many others will. Work hard and believe in yourself, and I think you’ll go as far as your body will take you.” – Harry Kane

  20. “Some people are motivated by money – I’m not one of them.” – Harry Kane
  21. “All we can do is win our games.” – Harry Kane

  22. “I love going to the Algarve and playing golf.” – Harry Kane
  23. “Getting respect from the opposition is a nice thing.” – Harry Kane
  24. “You want the best players to be on form come the Euros.” – Harry Kane

  25. “It is about doing everything you can so your body can perform at the highest level.” – Harry Kane

  26. “I do a lot of body weight stuff, power work, with your legs as well. There are weights involved now and again. There is a bit of mixture.” – Harry Kane
  27. “All I can do is my best for the team, whether that’s from the bench or if I start.” – Harry Kane

  28. “I am happy at Tottenham. I go into work every day with a smile on my face, and that is important.” – Harry Kane
  29. “I want to go and get more goals, create my chances for the team, and do my best for Tottenham Hotspur.” – Harry Kane

  30. “As long as there’s a vision with the club, and we’re not stale, we’re going forward as a club.” – Harry Kane

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