30 Inspiring DJ Khaled Quotes On Success

Dj Khaled stuck to his passion of being a DJ, he is now a worldwide star. A living legend.

Dj Khaled is living the life, his birthday is on the 26TH Nov, born in the year 1975. What drove Khaled to his current status in life is his passion and desire to succeed in life, this led him to where he is now. Dj Khaled lives with his wife and son, he only has one child, a young boy named Asad Khaled his current residency is in the USA.

The “Key” to success is many things in Khaled’s eyes, he uses snapchat a lot to show his life to the world, he uses many phrases like, “the key to success is…”, in many of his interviews he mentions how he wants his audience to connect with his mindset, it is clear he is always thinking positively, his snaps reflects this, his main aim is for “the world to know how grateful” he is with his life, and how “hard work and determination” can blossom greatness to one’s life.

Dj Khaled has taught us a lot in life when it comes to success, he mentors us in all ways to show us it’s possible to achieve your dreams and passion.

1. “They don’t want you to jet ski.” – DJ Khaled

2. “The key is to enjoy life, because they don’t want you to enjoy life” – DJ Khaled

3. “They don’t want you to win.” – DJ Khaled

4. “Key is never be afraid of being yourself. Never!” – DJ Khaled

5. “They kick you when you’re down, but they wanna kick it when you’re up.” – DJ Khaled

6. “Congratulation, you played yourself” – DJ Khaled

7. “I remember when I ain’t have a jacuzzi” – DJ Khaled

8. “I wake up every day inspiriting myself, because God gave me life” – DJ Khaled

9. “Ride with me through the journey of more success” – DJ Khaled

10. “I don’t care what nobody say, imma be me” – DJ Khaled

11. “Give thanks to the most high” – DJ Khaled

12. “There will be road blocks, but we will over come them” – DJ Khaled

13. “Key to more success is clean heart and clean face” – DJ Khaled

14. “They will try close the door on you, just open it” – DJ Khaled

15. “You smart, you loyal” – DJ Khaled

16. “Baby you smart. You loyal. You grateful. I appreciate that…” – DJ Khaled

17. “Don’t ever play yourself” – DJ Khaled

18. “’They’ are the people that don’t believe in you, that say that you won’t succeed. We stay away from ‘They.’” – DJ Khaled

19. “Another one, no. Another two, drop two singles at a time.” – DJ Khaled

20. “Stay focused and secure your bag, because they want you to fail and they don’t want us to win.” – DJ Khaled

21. “I changed… a lot.” – DJ Khaled

22. “Them doors that was always closed, I ripped the doors off, took the hinges off. And when I took the hinges off, I put the hinges on the f**kboys’ hands.” – DJ Khaled

23. “Hate is a waste of emotion, tell em to jump in the ocean.” – DJ Khaled

24. “All I do is win, win, win, no matter what.” – DJ Khaled

25. “Another one” – DJ Khaled

26. “Be a star. Be a superstar.” – DJ Khaled

27.”More wins, more blessings.” – DJ Khaled

28. “I stayed focused, and I never surrendered, and now I’ve been blessed. now I take care of my mother, my father, and my entire whole family.” – DJ Khaled

29. “You can never run out of keys.” – DJ Khaled

30. “Almond milk and Cinnamon Crunch is major key to success” – DJ Khaled

Rashed Miah
My name is Rashed Miah, I am the CEO and founder of THE RICH GETS RICHER. This website was founded in October 2018. I am very passionate to talk about success, I followed my passion and decided to express my knowledge of success to the world through this website. For all individuals who visits this site, my overall aim is to motivate them about their life, also to help them financially, spiritually, mentally and physically when it comes to success and achieving big goals and dreams.
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