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35 Jordan Peterson Quotes – Success In Life

Jordan Peterson was born on 12 June 1962 in Alberta. He got his bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology from the University of Alberta and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from McGill University. He is a Canadian professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, also a clinical psychologist, and a YouTube character. He began to receive renowned attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, frequently defined as traditional. According to the New York Times, Jordan Peterson is the most significant knowledgeable in the Western world right now. Jordan Peterson quotes will inspire you to do well in life, these quotes by Jordan Peterson will motivate you greatly. 

Jordan Peterson is the author of “12 Rules for Life” this book is an international bestseller. Peterson comes over as uncertain when it comes to the question of the existence of God. The book implies that the human capacity for immorality and disgraceful behavior legitimizes the view of ‘original sin’. This he admits is very disliked in modern knowledgeable circles. The concept of original sin is mistaken although, sin is real enough. But only if we regard it as our blocking the divine life rolling into us through badly going against it. We do this when we go against our inner integrity of what is deeply meaningful. People either like or hate this author.

jordan peterson quotes

35 Jordan Peterson Quotes

  1. “Aggression underlies the drive to be outstanding, to be unstoppable, to compete, to win— to be actively virtuous, at least along one dimension. Determination is its admirable, pro-social face.” Jordan Peterson
  2. “It makes sense that a witch lives in a swamp.” Jordan Peterson
  3. “People have this capacity within them to set the world straight.” Jordan Peterson
  4. “Do you want to be what you are or do you want to be what continually changes what you are?” Jordan Peterson

  5. “He whose life has a why can bear almost anyhow.” Jordan Peterson

  6. “I teach excessively agreeable people to note the emergence of such resentment, which is a very important, although very toxic, emotion. There are only two major reasons for resentment: being taken advantage of (or allowing yourself to be taken advantage of), or whiny refusal to adopt responsibility and grow up.” Jordan Peterson
  7. “If they’re on fire and you have water, then you can sell it to them.” Jordan Peterson
  8. “The heightened knowledge of fragility and mortality produced by death can terrify, embitter and separate. It can also awaken.  It can remind those who grieve not to take the people who love them for granted.” Jordan Peterson
  9. “Cooperation is for safety, security, and companionship. Competition is for personal growth and status. However, if a given group is too small, it has no power or prestige, and cannot fend off other groups. In consequence, being one of its members is not that useful.” Jordan Peterson
  10. “Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if instead of avoiding the things you know you should do, you actually did them every single day – that’s powerful.” Jordan Peterson

  11. “You should be able to do things that you wouldn’t do. That’s the definition of a genuinely moral person. They could do it, but they don’t.” Jordan Peterson
  12. “If you fulfill your obligations every day you don’t need to worry about the future.” Jordan Peterson
  13. “When you have something to say, silence is a lie.” Jordan Peterson
  14. “It’s a small percentage of people who do the 80-hour-a-week high-powered career thing, and they’re almost all men. Why? Well, men are driven by socio-economic status more than women.” Jordan Peterson
  15. “Power is competence.” Jordan Peterson

  16. “You cannot be protected from the things that frighten you and hurt you, but if you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always equal or more than the equal of the things that frighten you.” Jordan Peterson
  17. “Love is the desire to see unnecessary suffering ameliorated.” Jordan Peterson
  18. “Memory is a tool. Memory is the past’s guide to the future. If you remember that something bad happened, and you can figure out why then you can try to avoid that bad thing happening again.  That’s the purpose of memory.  It’s not ‘to remember the past.’ It’s to stop the same damn thing from happening over and over.” Jordan Peterson
  19. “If radical right-wingers were receiving state funding for political operations disguised as university courses, as the radical left-wingers clearly are, the uproar from progressives across North America would be deafening.” Jordan Peterson
  20. “You’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and everything you don’t do. You don’t get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison you’re going to take. That’s it.” Jordan Peterson

  21. “Perhaps you are overvaluing what you don’t have and undervaluing what you do.” Jordan Peterson
  22. “If you don’t say what you think then you kill your unborn self.” Jordan Peterson
  23. “A stable, loving relationship is highly desirable, for men as well as women. For women, however, it is often what is most wanted.” Jordan Peterson
  24. “The future is the place of all potential monsters.” Jordan Peterson
  25. “What you aim at determines what you see.” Jordan Peterson

  26. “You can do an awful lot by writing down what happened to you and thinking it through.” Jordan Peterson
  27. “You can’t go backward in life.” Jordan Peterson
  28. “If you want to occupy the C-suite or the top one-tenth of 1% in any organization, you have to be obsessively devoted to your career at the expense of everything else. And women look at that, and they think, ‘No.’” Jordan Peterson
  29. “You don’t get to choose not to pay a price, you only get to choose which price you pay” Jordan Peterson
  30. “You must determine where you are going in your life because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. It will instead disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with (and then resentful, and then vengeful, and then worse).” Jordan Peterson

  31. “It’s better to do something badly than to not do it at all.” Jordan Peterson
  32. “You remember the past not so that it is ‘accurately recorded,’ to say it again, but so that you are prepared for the future.” Jordan Peterson
  33. “You should take care of, help, and be good to yourself the same way you would take care of, help, and be good to someone you loved and valued.” Jordan Peterson
  34. “People do not care whether or not they succeed; they care about whether or not they fail.” Jordan Peterson
  35. “You’re not everything you could be, and you know it.” Jordan Peterson

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