lion king quotes

45 Lion King Quotes On Powerful Life Lessons

The Lion King is an amazing film to watch for all ages. The film presented the nature of the toughest, consumer and predator shell to the man in the Kingdom Animalia, the lion. In the film, it was shown by Simba, the heir of Mufasa is the king of Pride Rock. The lion is shown to be the most dominant character throughout the entire story. Simba was highlighted as a kind-hearted character who was always cheerful and happy. In real-life situations, though, lions are only sociable to their fellow species, specifically, the members of their group which is called the pride. The film highlights unity and togetherness with all the characters. These Lion King quotes are entertaining and fun to read, these quotes will highlight the amazing characters of this film. 

lion king quotes

45 Lion King Quotes

  1. “Any story worth telling is worth telling twice.” Rafiki
  2. “Think about it. When I’m king, I’ll have to give you orders. Tell you what to do. How weird is that?” Young Simba
  3. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?” Zazu
  4. “Friends stick together to the end.” Timon

  5. “Mufasa is strong. Like, way stronger than us.” Azizi

  6. “Hakuna Matata. It means “no worries.” Pumba
  7. “Out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era. Scar If you will not fight, then you will die as well.” Zira
  8. “Look, sometimes, bad things happen.” Simba
  9. “Look closer, you see… he lives in you.” Rafiki
  10. “I know what I have to do, but going back means I will have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.” Simba

  11. “While others look for what he can take, a true king gives back.” Mufasa
  12. “Change is good.” Rafiki
  13. “You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become.” Mufasa
  14. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” Scar
  15. “His father’s strength is flickering inside. I wonder how bravery will taste.” Shenzi

  16. “There’s one in every family, two in mine, actually and they always manage to ruin special occasions.” Zazu
  17. “It belongs to no one but is yours to protect. It is a great responsibility.” Mufasa
  18. “Life’s not fair, is it? You see, I…well, I shall never be king. And you shall never see the light of another day. Adieu.” Scar
  19. “Life’s not fair, my little friend. While some are born to feast, others are born to serve.” Scar
  20. “I may run from Hyenas but I always fight a bully.” Pumbaa

  21. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…Nobody knows my sorrow.” Zazu
  22. “We are all connected in the great Circle of Life.” Mufasa
  23. “A king’s true power is his compassion.” Sarabi
  24. Simba, you can’t escape your destiny.” Zazu
  25. “As you go through life, you will see that there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is things don’t always go the way we plan.” Simba

  26. “My Simba. You want so much to walk the path expected of you.” Nala
  27. “There’s more to being a king than getting your way all the time.” Mufasa
  28. “Nala: What made you come back? Simba: I finally got some sense knocked into me. And I’ve got the bump to prove it.” Nala and Simba
  29. “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” Rafiki
  30. “Whenever you feel alone, these kings will be up there to guide you and so will I.” Mufasa

  31. “Mufasa’s death was a terrible tragedy; but to lose Simba, who had barely begun to live… For me, it is a deep personal loss. So it is with a heavy heart that I assume the throne. Yet, out of the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era… in which lion and hyena come together, in a great and glorious future!” Scar
  32. “Run. Runaway Scar and never return.” Simba
  33. “Well, as slippery as your mind is, as the King’s brother you should’ve been first in line.” Zazu
  34. “Pumbaa: Anything we can do? Young Simba: Not unless you can change the past.” Pumba and Simba
  35. “I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.” Mufasa

  36. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Mufasa
  37. “Bad things happen, and you can’t do anything about them.” Timon
  38. “And there’s nothing you can do about it. So why worry?” Simba
  39. “As king I was proud of one thing, you as my son. That alone. No, that is forever.” Mufasa
  40. “It’s times like this my buddy Timon here says: you got to put your behind in your past.” Timon and Pumba

  41. “They can have the world. We’ll create our own.” Kiara
  42. “What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?” Timon
  43. “Sometimes, what’s left behind can grow better than the generation before, if given the chance.” Simba
  44. “You must remember who you are, the one true king.” Mufasa
  45. “They can have the word. We’ll create our own.” Kiara

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