rejection quotes

50 Rejection Quotes On Life By Famous People

Achieving something in life is just amazing, and one of the worst feelings to go through is rejection and disappointment. When you have faced rejection, it does not mean the end of the world. Always, plan to get up and continue going, as eventually, you will get what you aimed and worked hard for. Such as, getting rejected for a job you really wanted is common, people who have secured a job know how difficult it is when you are told you have not been successful, but if you don’t give up, then eventually you will get what you deserve. These rejection quotes are inspirational, funny and mostly on love, these quotes will help you understand how to overcome rejection in all aspects of life.

rejection quotes

50 Rejection Quotes

  1. “I am crying over the loss of something I never had. How ridiculous. Mourning something that never was – my dashed hopes, dashed dreams, and my soured expectations.” L. James
  2. “Misfortune is the best fortune. Rejection by all is victory.” Valmiki
  3. “Realize your true strength when people reject you. In actual fact, they do not reject you. They only show you your real strength.” Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
  4. “Rejection isn’t failure. Failure is giving up. Everyone gets rejected. It’s how handle it that determines where you’ll end up.” Richard Castle

  5. “The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.” Henri Nouwen

  6. “Rejection can disappoint you, depress you, and may even stop you in your tracks… learn not to take rejection so personally… if you’re honest with yourself and believe in your work, others will too.” Bev Jozwiak
  7. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R.Swindoll
  8. “One law you should never reject; laws are for the comfortable human life not to discomfort the human life.” S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  9. “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.” Sylvester Stallone
  10. “There’s nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself.” James Lee Burke

  11. “Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” Steve Maraboli
  12. “I really wish I was less of a thinking man and more of a fool not afraid of rejection.” Billy Joel
  13. “It is unpleasant and disturbing to be rejected. It is deeply satisfying to be accepted.” Stephen Covey
  14. “I always feel like rejection is my petrol. That’s what keeps me going.” Laura Kightlinger
  15. “If you live for people’s acceptance you will die from their rejection.” LeCrae

  16. “Rejection is the sand in the oyster, the irritation that ultimately produces the pearl.” Burke Wilkinson
  17. “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” Bo Bennett
  18. “Don’t be tired of refusing your failures and don’t be tired of accepting your rejections.” S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  19. “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Muhammad Ali
  20. “Sometimes I feel my whole life has been one big rejection.” Marilyn Monroe

  21. “Rejection, though–it could make the loss of someone you weren’t even that crazy about feel gut-wrenching and world ending.” Deb Caletti
  22. “There is no doubt; even a rejection can be the shadow of a caress.” Jose Ortega y Gasset.
  23. “When we neglect knowledge, we have indirectly rejected light.” Sunday Adelaja
  24. “Rejection just motivates me to keep trying and to try to do better.” Sasha Grey
  25. “Remember, the pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret.” Matthew Hussey

  26. “A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.” Rihanna A Mohammed
  27. “If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.” Chris Dixon
  28. “Get use to rejection. No one starts from the bottom with applause or the word, yes being heard often.” Nicky Verd
  29. “We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don’t. I have always learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success.” Henry Rollins
  30. “Rejection is never personal, so don’t let it consume you.” Melanie Scrofano

  31. “I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject.” Jeanette Winterson
  32. “I don’t want anyone who doesn’t want me.” Oprah Winfrey
  33. “When faced with many rejections, don’t give up. Hold fast to your dreams and keep up with sacred work, you will succeed in the sacred time.” Lailah Gifty Akita
  34. “There’s no point in dwelling on rejection.” Isabel Lucas
  35. “The better you are at communicating, negotiating, and handling your fear of rejection, the easier life is.” Robert Kiyosaki

  36. “Each rejection brings us closer to acceptance.” Ramesh Lohia
  37. “You have to take all the rejections that life will throw at you. We do not grow in happiness, but we grow in sadness. Each rejection teaches us something new.” Avijeet Das
  38. “The best jackpots in my life are my rejections.” S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  39. “I love my rejection slips. They show me I try.” Sylvia Plath
  40. “Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” Harvey Mackay

  41. “It’s easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.” Chuck Palahniuk
  42. “Institutionalized rejection of a difference is an absolute necessity in a profit economy which needs outsiders as surplus people.” Audre Lorde
  43. “Rejected by man, yet accepted by the Maker.” Lailah Gifty Akita
  44. “Rejection is merely a redirection; a course correction to your destiny.” Bryant McGill
  45. “There is going to be a hundred thousand doors slammed in your face before one opens, so feel ok about taking rejection.” Heather Matarazzo

  46. “Do not waste yourself in rejection; do not bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  47. “Rejection puts you out of your comfort zone which is usually when you’re at your best.” Stewart Stafford
  48. “Rejection is hurtful ONLY when you do not have enough prospects to sell to.” Chinmai Swamy
  49. “Rejection is a challenge.” Veronica Purcell
  50. “Rejection is a common occurrence. Learning that early and often will help you build up the tolerance and resistance to keep going and keep trying.” Kevin Feige

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