superhero quotes

50 Superhero Quotes By Famous People

Superheros are strong and brave. Characters displayed in movies and cartoons are portrayed as being the rescuers and saviors. These Superhero quotes are inspirational, these quotes teach us the importance of being brave and taking action. We should all be confident in life, life teaches us great lessons, but one of the most important things we should keep in mind is, to never give up and continue going. Superheros continue going, until they have achieved their goals and objectives, this type of character should be with everyone. 

superhero quotes

Superhero Quotes

  1. “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell
  2. “When you know yourself, your ‘I’ness vanishes.” Ibn Arabi
  3. Dreams lift us up and transform into something better. And on my soul, I swear that until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, & Justice are the reality that we all share I will never stop fighting…ever!” Superman
  4. “When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.”  Marvel

  5. “You Cannot Beat A River Into Submission. You Have To Surrender To Its Current And Use Its Power As Your Own.”­ The Ancient one

  6. “I’m not gonna fight your war, I’m gonna end it.” Captain Marvel
  7. “I believe there’s a hero in all of us that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride. Even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want most. Even our dreams.” Aunt May
  8. “The real hero is the one who knows how to rise when he falls down.” Turgut Alp
  9. “But everybody’s story begins “once upon a time,” and it’s up to us to cherish the time we’re given to ensure we live happily ever after.” Scarlet Witch
  10. “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” Batman

  11. “Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway.” Iron Man
  12. “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” The Flash
  13. “We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us.” The Joker
  14. “Forget Everything You Think You Know.” Mordo
  15. “Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” Killmonger

  16. “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” Wonder Woman
  17. “When an animal dies its soot remains. When the human dies their work remains. ” Suleyman Shah
  18. “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Superman
  19. “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” Batman
  20. “I Could Have Done Better.” Stephen Strange

  21. “You’re right. I’m only human.” Captain Marvel
  22. “The desires of this world are like seawater. The more you drink of them, the more you thirst.” Ibn Arabi
  23. “In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.” T’Challa
  24. “There is a right and wrong in the Universe and that distinction is not hard to make.” Superman
  25. “No Matter how bad things get, something good is out there, over the horizon.” Green Lantern

  26. “What you plant here, you will reap” Ibn Arabi
  27. “Faith is my sword. Truth is my shield. Knowledge my armor.” Stephen Strange
  28. “Sometimes it’s only madness that makes us what we are.” Batman
  29. “One who has no dream has no future.” Ertugrul Ghazi
  30. “We Don’t Get To Choose Our Time.” The Ancient one

  31. “Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” Shuri
  32. “Higher, further, faster, baby.” Captain Marvel
  33. “No matter where you go in life there’s always going to be the one person that wants to bring you down, so stay strong and face your problems instead of running away.” Superman
  34. “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” Batman
  35. . “This world is like a school. Each of us is tested separately and our only teacher is God.” Ibn Arabi

  36. “Whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger.” Batman
  37. . “It’s Not About You.” The Ancient one
  38. “Guns, So Primitive.” Okoye
  39. “Someone must have ripped the ‘Q’ section out of my dictionary, ’cause I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’.” Furious
  40. “Choose less over more in it. Be satisfied with what you have, even if it is less than what others have. In fact, prefer to have less.” Ibn Arabi

  41. “You don’t know me. You have no idea who I am.” Captain Marvel
  42. “Do good to others and every man can be a Superman” Superman
  43. “You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” Superman
  44. “There is no teacher greater than patience.” Ibn Arabi
  45. “Put Some Music On. What Do You Think This Is A Funeral?” Ulysses Klaue

  46. “I have nothing to prove to you.” Captain Marvel
  47. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Spiderman
  48. “Be established in truth.” Ibn Arabi
  49. “Only the weak succumb to brutality.” Superman
  50. “You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You mean something.” Batman

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