Aamir Khan NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is an actor and a movie director from India, who was born on the 14th of March 1965, in Bombay, India.  The fifty-four year old actor lives in a 5,000 square foot home, at the Freeda apartments in Mumbai.

The Indian movie director has a net-worth estimate of $180 million dollars. He is ranked as the top five most wealthiest Indian actors.

Aamir’s childhood was a little hard, as there were issues of debts mostly from creditors from films of his dad which didn’t provide much profit. This led to occasional issues about his school fees with schools which he attended, he however got to still complete his ninth  grade education at a young age. During his time in high school he was more engaged in sporting activities, which saw him emerge as the state tennis championship in a tennis tournament.

Aamir also took part in acting. He since the age of eight have had the love for acting, as he had  grown up with a lot of relatives who were already in the movie industry. At the age of nine, he played the younger character of Mahendra Sandhu in his Dad’s film. Aamir decided at age sixteen to pursue a career as a professional actor, which at that time was contrary to his parents plans of him becoming a medical doctor, or an engineer. His pursuit for an acting career led to him subsequently joining a movie theater group, where he played a couple of minor roles. He then decided to work as an assistant director for two years.

In the mid 1980s, he played roles in documentaries, but these didn’t provide much success, he was however recruited by Nahir Hussain to star in his movie, the movie produced a better audience reception in comparison with his former engagements, and provide aamir a platform to gain the popularity he needed to bolster his career, as the project received various nominations, as well as Aamir been nominated for quite a few awards.

The year 1990 was a bit of decline in his career. He  acted in as many as five films, but these didn’t provide him with that much success. He persisted, and later got to star in the movie; Dil, which went on to become the highest grossing film of the year in India, this was followed with various other successful projects.

Aamir’s rise to major preeminence came after his role in the 2008 film; Ghajini, which brought him various nominations, as the movie gained a lot of recognition as the highest grossing Indian film of 2008, a major point in the actor’s career. In 2009, the success of the preceding year was followed by an even greater one, as he starred in 3 Idiots. The movie would go on to acclaim both local and international recognition, as it became the highest grossing film in history of Indian movie productions. The movie also enjoyed praise from other international markets, including an award from the Japan Academy Awards, and ultimately created a major opening for Bollywood movies into other international markets.

Aamir kept a consistent performance which produced successes in his following roles in movies such as; Doom 3, PK, Dangal, and some few others. After the release of Dangal, its success of being the highest grossing film domestically made it the fifth time such as being achieved by a movie featuring the veteran. It also provided the actor with a pay of $42 million.The popular actor as gone on to appear in various other projects in recent years, gaining, and winning various award nominations.

Aamir is also a director, and a producer since his establishment of a production company in 1999. He has also written quite a number works in which he has also played roles in some of them.

Aamir Khan  had an uneasy start to his acting career, one which saw intervals of disappointing projects, but he showed persistence and perseverance to continue, this resulted to his boom, and subsequently his rise to becoming a personality that would go down in the history of Bollywood,  as one of the greatest actor-producers of all time.

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