Adele NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Hard-work is believed to being an essential ingredient to achieving and reaching set goals, but it can equally be agreed on that with passion and love for one’s craft, there is always a greater chance to success. The love for one’s craft has led so many great individuals to attain fabulous careers, one of these individuals is the musician; Adele.

Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on the 5th of May 1988, in Tottenham, London, she is a British songwriter and musician. She has both English and welsh citizenship, having a mother English, and a welsh dad. She resides in a large 13 bedroom apartment in West Sussex.

Adele has a net-worth estimated to be about $185 million dollars, which places her as one of the wealthiest female artists in the world, with multiple multi-platinum albums.

Adele could be described as an artist who is driven by a lot of passion for music, as she had revealed to have started singing from an early age of just four, and by nine she was crazy and obsessed with it. By the time she had grown into teenage-hood, she had started singing and playing the guitar with friends in the neighborhood, which was the subject of one of her songs in 2015.

The singing icon had studied performing arts and Technology, at the BRIT School in Croydon. She went on to release multiple songs via an online publication platform, just months after completing her studies at  the BRIT School. She received a little recognition when a friend posted a work of hers on MySpace. The success of this led to her being discovered by the boss of XL Recordings, who heard her song, and appreciated the talent and quality from such an amateur. He would go on to contact her. She finally got signed to XL in September  of 2006, and from there on her music career would appear to have officially kicked off.

After minor works of providing vocals to people’s songs, and her acoustics, she would finally release her first album, `19’ in 2007. The album provided almost immediate success, and has been able to provide the musician with over 3 million sales world wild. She released subsequent albums `21’ , and `25’ in 2011, and 2015 respectively, which has provided her with over a total of 21 million album sales. This feat has made her one of the highest selling artists in the world, and equally being her major income means.

Adele also like various other artists hold concerts, one of her recent ones in 2016, provided her  the sales of over 2 million tickets. She has also been able to generate an enormous amount of audience via her social media pages. She has over 30 million followers just on her instagram page, from which she generates about $60,000 to over $100,000 per sponsored post.

She has also made appearances in few movies and T.V shows, from which she has equally generated a decent pay-off.

Adele has been able evolved from a regular teenage girl, who could be seen playing and singing with friends on the streets of south London, to  a multiple Grammy award winner. She  had her hit `Hello’ rank at the billboard top 100, for one of the longest periods. She has received awards and nominations in various awards ceremonies. These would be said to be the product of her unending passion for music. She since childhood decided to build on the talent she knew she had, she followed it with utmost zeal and dedication, and today for all her efforts, she has managed to attain world recognition as arguably the best vocalist of her time.

Rashed Miah
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