Akshay Kumar NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Akshay Kumar Net Worth

India is  a country blessed with beautiful people, exciting places and amazing dishes. But in exclusion of these, a delightful aspect of their existence is their popular movie industry, Bollywood, which has seen the emergence of a great number of stars, one of them being the veteran actor, Akshay Kumar.

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, is a professional Indian actor,  and producer commonly regarded as Akshay Kumar. He was born in Punjab, India on 9th September, in the year 1967. He resides in Mumbai, India.

Kumar has a net-worth of roughly $150 million, an outcome from his twenty-nine years plus in the acting spectacle, as well as him numerous endorsements deals.

He attended junior education, where he developed interestingly a hobby in wrestling, seeing him enroll  into a martial arts academy where he learned  Karate. He further travelled to Thailand to continue with his learning of martial arts, which saw him live there a period of five years. On his return to India, he took up modest jobs, working in a travel agency, then in a hotel, and then as a jewelry salesperson, before deciding to return to Mumbai. He returning to Mumbai, decided to start teaching martial arts, it was during his time as a martial arts teacher, that he got to meet a model co-ordinator who introduced him to modeling.

Having made more money within a couple of days shooting, than he could earn at the end of the month as a teacher, he decided to stick with modeling. Although he later went on to work as an assistant to a photographer, just to attain a portfolio, which saw him earn nothing for a year and a half period. He subsequently visited a filming studio with his portfolio, which presented him the opportunity to play a role in his first movie.

The role provided him a means to showcase his potentials, and through it acclaim exposure he needed to bolster his acting career. He since then has starred in a total of over a hundred and five movies, over a twenty-nine year career. His immense popularity derived from his years as one of Bollywood’s best has also afforded him with connections, and a marketable personality to catch the eye of various sponsorship brands. He has been endorsed by so many notable companies amongst which are Honda motorcycles, Micromax Mobile, Pepsi, and Thumbs up to mention a few.

Akshay has also been the recipient of various awards both by filming agencies and also governmental agencies, such as his honorary award by the Indian government for his great contribution to the Indian movie industry, a honorary doctorate degree in law by the university of Windsor, Canada,  as well as their government granting him citizenship.

Akshay has developed to become arguably the best actor in the history of Indian filming, a height which could be said to have taken quite a lot of years, discipline and commitment to reach.

He since his early years had to put in a lot of hard work, which saw him combining his martial arts education, with different works to provide for himself, he developed a huge level of seriousness to his martial arts, a skill he would later engage in his many movies, which saw him perform great and daring stunts, earning him the nickname, `the Indian Jackie Chan’. He has also continued to keep fit, despite his age, and his dispensability to any type of lifestyle or feeding habit he wanted, seeing him  take part in a lot of activities such as swimming, and general workouts.

The unpopular attribute of patience he showed prior to his emergence to the acting scene, seeing him work for over a year without receiving any payment is a commendable one. He stood determined to what he wanted to achieve and when he got an opportunity, took it and continued to exhibit hard-work, and persistence, these have given him the chance, to achieving a profile of a great Star.

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