Andres Iniesta Football Statistics To Success

Was born on May 11, 1984, in Fuenteabilla, Spain to Jose Antonio and Maria Lujan with a sister Maribel and he was from a well to do home because his dad was a well known businessman who catered to his family very well making sure that they didn’t lack for anything. Age 10 he was enrolled at the Albacete youth academy because of his love for the game and the academy helped in fine turning his skills then two years after his father used his connections with FC Barcelona management to score him a trial which he succeeded in it. When he moved to Barcelona he joined the La Masai academy for young footballer and worked under the Barcelona youth program it was later that it was discovered that he wasn’t yet a teenager which raised some concerns among management but Andres proved himself professionally and rose up the ladder to become the best player that they had.

Andres plays currently with Vissel Kobe as a Central Midfield also plays Left Midfield and Attacking Midfield, he is an Ambipedal player, his agent is Puyol, De la Pena & Sostres. He joined the team July 1,2018 and his contract expires January 1, 2021. He is outfitted by Asics and he plays in the J1 League as a First Tier. He debuted May 27, 2016 with the Spanish team with 137 matches while being coached by Luis Aragones when he was 22. He has played in Matches from the International friendlies, UEFA Euro qualifiers,World Cup qualification,Euro 2008, World Cup 2006 and the Confederations Cu where he played in 131 matches,27 assists while substituted on 27 times and substituted off 58 times with 5 yellow cards and 1 penalty goal scored.

He has sustained injuries from Muscular problems which took him out for 14 days, knee  injuries which took him out for 59 days then Muscular problems in 2017 which he had to take 18 days off. He had adductor problems which he took 7 days off then various Muscular problems then Hamstring injury to another Adductor and then more groin injuries, torn muscle bundles, back trouble, influenzas, calf injury, knee problems, torn muscle fibers, shoulder injury and more torn muscle bundle all from season 09/10 to 18/19.

In season 96/97 he left Albacete U19 to join Barca U17 then in season 00/01 July 1,2000 he joined the Barca U19 team then the following season he joined FC Barcelona B. July 1, 2002 he moved to the FC Barcelona team where he stayed till his transfer loan to Vissel Kobe July 1,2016 with a rising market value of 10 Million Euro with a free transfer. Current MV is 6, 75 Million Euro as last updated January 5, 2019 while his Highest MV is 70 Million Euro as last updated August 7, 2012. 

Andres was ranked number 4 amongst all players born in 1984, ranked number 202 amongst all players playing as Central Midfield then ranked number 142 amongst all players from Spain. He was also ranked number 1 amongst all players at Vissel Kobe, ranked number 1 amongst all players of the J1 League and ranked number 1300 amongst all players worldwide. He was awarded Footballer of the year for Spain in 2009, won Player of the Year in Euro 2012 then his team FC Barcelona won UEFA Super Cup 3 times, won with team Spain U17 as European U17 Champion. Spain U19 won the European U19 Champions,3 times FIFA Club World Cup Winner for FC Barcelona and 7 times Spanish Super Cup Winner, 6 times Spanish Cup Winner and then 9 times Spanish Champion FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona Won 4 times Champions League Winner, He Won with his team Spain to win European Champion 2 times and then World Cup Winner in 2010 for Spain.  Won Footballer of the year in 2009 for Barcelona and Player of the year for Spain and finally UEFA Best Player in Europe 2012 for Barcelona.

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