Are Rich People Happier Than Poor?

Everyone wants to be rich. Wealth equals a sort of status symbol that can hardly be matched with any other thing. But, is money related to happiness? Happiness has a broad definition, and it means different things for different kinds of people. Some people value money based on their financial status, while other people put more emphasis on their relationships for being happy. Generally speaking, rich people face less hardships in life from a financial point of view whereas poor people struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table. Thus, we all want to be rich in order to live a more comfortable life. In a sense, I want to be rich to be happier in life but I also want to help people who are suffering from various problems and solve the major issues in the world in order to create a utopian life in order to be truly happy.

Some people put a lot of emphasis on money to achieve happiness in life, whereas there are people who have very little belongings, yet they are the most happiest in the world. Some have also said that more money in one’s life brings more problems. Wealthy people suffer from very different problems when compared to poorer people. But the notion that money brings happiness is not entirely true, yet it is not false either. On the one hand, rich people are less stressed out about their financial status and have more time to spend with their families. Poor people struggle to earn money on a daily basis and are more stressed out about money. Surviving the daily challenges of life becomes a burden for poor people as they fail to provide their families with the basic necessities of life. Rich people can afford to live a life of extravagance and get access to the best education, best healthcare services, best food and a comfortable living place. This is the reason why rich people always stay rich no matter how tough the financial hardships could get for them. Poor people are not lucky enough to get access to basic healthcare services, let alone have a decent education to escape the cycle of poverty. Countries that provide good education and healthcare services to the poorest of their population offer their impoverished people a chance to escape the harsh realities of poverty. But a majority of the countries in the world struggle to provide basic necessities to their poor people, and thus they remain as poor and impoverished nations. This happens due to having weak and corrupt governments where there is no rule of law and people simply flout the laws to their advantage.

Another harsh reality is that a very few select individuals control massive amounts of wealth in the world, leading to huge levels of inequality in most parts of the world. In a sense, most of the people work hard yet see little to no benefits in their lives, while the ultra-rich people live a life of opulence and grandiosity. If wealth could be distributed more evenly in this world, then chances are that there would not be any poor people who would ever exist in this planet.

Poor people find happiness in the simpler things of life. They value their relationships much more than other people, and show greater levels of empathy. Rich people are busier in acquiring wealth as they derive their happiness from materialistic things. Although the real happiness lies in human connections and strong family ties, and money often fails to fill the empty void in the souls of people.

Rashed Miah
My name is Rashed Miah, I am the CEO and founder of THE RICH GETS RICHER. This website was founded in October 2018. I am very passionate to talk about success, I followed my passion and decided to express my knowledge of success to the world through this website. For all individuals who visits this site, my overall aim is to motivate them about their life, also to help them financially, spiritually, mentally and physically when it comes to success and achieving big goals and dreams.
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