Conor McGregor NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Conor McGregor Net Worth

Conor Anthony McGregor, is a mixed martial artist of the U.F.C ( Ultimate Fighting Championship), who was born on July the 14th 1988, in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish superstar has homes in both Dublin, and in the elegant city of Las Vegas.

The prolific mixed martial artist, has been reported to having a net around $110 million, which places him as the richest M.M.A fighter of all time, and also one of the highest earning athletes in the world.

Young Conor, grew  up in Crumlin, Dublin, where he received his  primary and secondary education. During this period he developed just like many of his pairs, interest in various sports, which saw him take part in soccer, and also boxing. At just the early age of 12, he had started practicing boxing there at a boxing club.

After the decision to relocate by his family, which saw them move to Lucan, Conor in an effort to supplement his family’s income decided to take part in some form of vocation, as a Plumber’s Apprentice. He at this point had to mix his working, with his training as a boxer. He then got to meet up with a U.F.C fighter, with whom he started practicing mixed martial art.  Subsequent to their meeting and trainings , Conor decided to start taking part  at local fights, which saw him earn just  a little above $100 from a fight.

In February 2007, Conor took part in his first MMA fight for a promotional championship title. A match he would go on to win by a technical knockout, this became a big breakthrough, as he on winning, was presented the opportunity to sign for the Irish cage of truth promotion.

His days in the cage of truth saw him acclaim both the featherweight and lightweight championship. He once decided to quit mixed arts, but was convinced to continue due to efforts from his mum, and his coach.

In 2013, he got to meet the U.F.C president , Dana White, who offered him a contract deal with the company. His first bout there saw him victorious, as well as subsequent ones. He got the opportunity to achieve a  re-make of his accomplishment in his previous brand, by winning the featherweight, and the lightweight championships simultaneously, making him the first fighter in U.F.C to accomplish this. Conor in 2017 took part in his first boxing bout, which produced a total of over 4.3 million pay per view buys, adding to his great number of generated tickets and pay per view sales, over his career.

Conor being a notable figure in the world of sports has a couple of endorsement deals with establishments such as Reebok, Beats by Dre, Monster energy and so many more. He also has established a clothing label, and a whiskey company, all these being sources to the colossal wealth entitled to the Irish fighter.

Conor’s success in and out of the Octagon could be attributed to his immense hard-work over the years, he prior to his big signing, had to work as a Plumber’s Apprentice, which saw him earn just a little, he despite this found time to keep up with his trainings, as he believed in the possibility of him achieving what he wanted, he also showed a compromise-able attitude,  and taking suggestions from great people he had surrounded himself with, which provided him the encouragement he needed, at the point of quitting.

 One should be a goal-getter. There  should be display of hard work, and commitment, as through this, a person could always assure him/herself a  better chance of achieving success.

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