David Beckham NET WORTH: Journey To Success

David Robert Joseph Beckham is a retired professional footballer who was born on the 2nd of May 1975, in Leytonstone, London. He played for his national team, as well as various football Clubs across the globe, he saw out his last season as a professional footballer, playing for the French side Paris Saint Germain (P.S.G), where he made  only ten appearances for the French giants, after he would have made history by being the first British player to feature in a total of a hundred UEFA Champions League. He currently resides in both London, and Los Angeles, California in the United States.

Estimated to have a net-worth of a whooping four hundred and fifty million U.S Dollars ($450 million), a result of his twenty years as a footballer, and his numerous sponsorship deals, over his long-span of playing period,  he recorded the highest amount of appearances for an outfield player, until 2016. Among  the football clubs he played for where Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, LA galaxy, Ac Milan, and Paris Saint Germain.

Beckham started his professional football Career at a very young age of seventeen, but played only a few matches before been sent on loan to Preston North-end, he however made his return to his childhood club in 1995/1996 season, where he finally made his premier league debut on the 2nd of April,  in a match against Leeds United. Being among the young talents being brought into the senior team that season, by the  then club manager Sir Alex Ferguson, to serve as replacements for outgoing aging players, instead of the choice of bidding the signatures of already established stars at that time, this became the source of major criticism and doubt of the managerial competence of the club by its various supporters around the globe. But not-withstanding this, Beckham continued to improve on that potential that convinced Ferguson that he was first team material, and although starting the season with a loss, they later bounced back greatly to become the league champions, with David being an essential part of that transformation process.

Steady and consistent improvements, saw him establish himself as one of best mid-field players, and also earning a call-up to his country’s national team. The opening day of the 1996/1997 premier league season, on the 17th of August, marked an historic moment in his career, when he scored an exceptional goal, shooting from halfway of the field, which was about sixty yards out, over the keeper, and into the net. He stayed a couple of years at the club, and aided them to various trophies and titles until his exit in 2003. He joined the los blancos, Real Madrid, helping them win  two silver wears, and being partly responsible for the astonishing $600 million increase in merchandise  sales, as a result of the huge marketable figure he had become.

He then made another transfer to LA Galaxy, which saw him earn about $6.2 million annually on only wages, aside his personal endorsement deals. He stayed there for five seasons, within which he was on loan at two occasions for AC Milan, winning the league in the last year after his return from loan. He made a last stop at the ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain, where he made history afterwards winning the French league with them, this making him a winner of domestic league trophies in four different countries. He saw out his five months contact with P.S.G and retired.

He is also the owner of Inter Miami, which he bought for $25 million after exercising the rights he had, as  previously stated in his contract with the MLS side. He is also the co-owner of Salford city.

David has always been a fan of hard-work, which he has expressed in his various quotes. He was gifted the privilege of representing his dream club at a young age, and against many doubts by supporters, he through hard-work, and dedication proved his worth and indeed went on to establish his name among the very elite of the sport. He once said in an interview, that he remembered being asked what he wanted to do  in life, and him boldly replying football. His teacher said; no, what do you really want to do for a living, but the truth was all he could think of was football, this showed he had a goal, and through much hard-work, and his prayers, he  went on to achieve even more than he had dreamt of.

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