Donald Trump NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Donald Trump Net Worth

The United States of America, been marked as a world power, and a center of trade, fashion and recreation, has  recorded  having over the years, various reputable leaders, but quite often is the case, in which a successful and wealthy citizen, who had to a great deal established himself without prior political involvement in the sense of a political post, or even a military one become president.

Donald John Trump, is the 45th and present president of the United States of America, a position he assumed on the 20th of January 2017, with Mike Pence as his vice. He was born on the 14th of June 1946, in Queens, New York City, where he grew up. The U.S president also has been traced to having German, and Scottish ancestry. Apart from owning the Trump Tower as one of his many assets, and home prior to his inauguration as the United States Present, he now resides in the Whitehouse.

With a net-worth estimated to be above $3 billion, Trump prior to his presidential race was rated as arguably one of the wealthiest real estate developer, and businessman.

Donald Trump, grew up in New York, where he had his primary, and secondary educations, seeing him attend New York military academy, he subsequently attended the University of Pennsylvania, which saw him graduate as a degree holder in Economics. Trump developed interest in sports while in school, although his admission into military school, gave the opinion that he could go on to serve his country, but at the end he went on to start working in his family’s real estate business, as he was deemed ineligible to serve due to a spur issue on his feet.

Donald Trump started work in his father’s establishment in 1968, this was later followed by him becoming president of the establishment, and  rebranding it to what is now called The Trump Organization. With the company shares, and his inherited wealth from his family total of over $200 million dollars at that time, Trump began to acquire, and renovate various buildings in New York, which included Hotels, golf tours, Banks and so many more. He also commenced the construction of the Trump tower, which upon completion became the headquarters for his business, as well as the family home until his presidential inauguration.

Trump through his business career, had various establishments, and although they had not all yielded profits, leading to him selling off so many as the last resort, he has been able to greatly expand his father’s business into one which could be described as a network of businesses or some-worth, an empire. Trump has been able to acquire various golf courses, which at certain points, had yielded at least $50 million annually, various banks and hotels, an airway which was used for charter services but later sold off, casinos, a sporting arena, a football club, and so many more.

Through his renowned popularity, many business  had on license bases, acquired and made use of the Trump franchise name. He also owned the prestigious Miss World, and Miss USA pageantry until 2015.

June 2015, marked Trump’s  decision to really pursue a political position,  by making a decision to run for president, as none of the  previous rumors or speculations of his presidential candidacy fell in place. Having  lost the popular vote to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, he would later surprisingly go on to win the presidential post, making him the oldest an wealthiest American to assume the office, a post he continues to hold till this day.

Trump could be generally characterized as a goal getter, he although being born into a wealthy family, unlike the opinion to simply find a way to manage funds and the family business, went beyond that in diversifying, and expanding the business. He devoted time, and effort as he has stated, to enjoy having brief night rests of just three or four hours. His hard-work has indeed paved the path to his economical successes, and ultimately the American presidential seat.

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