Dr. Dre NET WORTH: Journey To Success

There have been regular tales of individuals who followed their dreams or aspirations, leading them to various accomplishments and great recognition. The summary of the rise of the African American  rapper, Dr. Dre could not be judged as being far from this, as he has been able to build in conjunction with his musical fame, the profile of one of the richest entrepreneurs.

Dr. Dre is a very established producer and rapper. Born Andre Romelle Young, on the 18th of February 1965, in Compton, California, U.S.A, he  is an African-American who presently resides in one of his multi- million dollar mansions in Los Angeles, California.

Dre is ranked the third richest Hip-Hop Star with an estimated net-worth of $770 million dollars, mostly attributed to his multi-billion dollar deal with Apple.

Growing up, he constantly had to move as his parents divorced when he was still at a young age, coupled with issues of insecurity as a result of violent neighborhoods. He had part of   his high school education in Centennial High school, before enrolling into  Fremont High school in Los Angeles, where he completed his high school education. He expressed desires  of joining  an apprenticeship course, but this was faltered due his incapability to meet the required academic qualifications.

He was initially a D.J, performing in clubs and Night parties with stage name, Dr. J. He later went on to kick-start a career in the entertainment world as a rapper in 1984, joining the music group, World class Wreckin’ cru. In 1986. He  co-founded the music group, N.W.A where he  released his first album. He subsequently created his first music label, Death Row Records in the early 90s, and shortly after launched a solo album.

By 2004 , he had already generated over 11 million from sales of his various tracks and popular albums. In 2001, he reached a partnership for his establishment of the Music company, Aftermath Entertainment for $52 million.

In 2008, Dr. Dre launched his line of headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre, which consisted of audio beats, as well as other acoustic recordings. In late 2009, a lucrative deal was drafted with the Electronic gadget company, HP, granting them rights to enable the features of his headphone available on an exclusive HP laptop version. A couple of years went by as he actualized considerable revenue from his headphones sales, but it would be in the year 2014, that he would attain sky-rocketing returns from his headphones venture, as he reportedly sold the the headphones brand to Apple for a whooping 3billion dollars. This led to him assuming the leader position on the chart of wealthiest Hip-Hop Star.

Aside Dre’s profession as a rapper and a producer, he has also featured in quite a few movies, seeing him act his first film, Set It Off in 1996. He has however gone to appear on films such as; The Wash , Training day and so on. He is also a movie producer.

The rich producer been a proficient business man, has been able to generate a substantial amount from his various endorsement deals. Dr. Dre has been able to endorse brands such as the automobile company; Chrysler, Dr. Pepper, and Coors light to mention a few.

Dre had issues in school, as he didn’t appear the best academically, but this constraint didn’t pose a limiting effect on him, as he ventured in a profession he had a likening to. Years  of consistency drove him to his accumulation of multiple awards, and through a sense entrepreneurship has been able to blend his entertainment craft with a set of other ventures, making him  today one of the wealthiest pop stars on the globe.

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