Drake NET WORTH: Journey To Success

From Star-stunning outfits to his designer accessories, from multi- million dollar mansions to luxurious and plushy  rides, to the his private jet, Drake air, the rich celebrity could be said to be enjoying a life similar to that of royalty, and almost acquiring anything he desires, raising the question; what are the sources providing this popular celebrity with the enormous earnings to comfortably acclaim all these assets, and belongings.

Drake is a Canadian rapper and songwriter, often referred to as Drizzy, but born Aubrey Drake Graham on the 24th of October 1986, to an African American drummer, and a teacher in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has a mixed ethnicity as his dad is an African American, and his mum a Jewish-Canadian. He resides in his multi-million dollar home in Hidden Hills, California, but equally owns a few other mansions, and condos.

The Canadian rapper has a net-worth estimated to be around $170 million dollars in 2019, placing him among the richest Canadian artists.

Drake has grown to become a popular hip hop star, but prior to that he had goals of being an entertainer, but in a different department, as his teen was marked by his pursuit of becoming actor. Following his decision to further his acting career, he quit his schooling at Vaughn Road Academy. He got a breakthrough in his plight when he was awarded a position in a Canadian film series, he  would go on to appear in over a hundred and forty  episodes, gaining him a reasonable share of popularity, as well as enriching him, as this was the only means of sustenance for him and his mum.

His entrance into the world of music was however marked by his sudden interest in music as a result of inspiration from a few musicians. In line with this he went on to release his first mixtape in 2006. He subsequently released more mixtapes and the rest is history, as his consistency in the music world has led to his  world wide recognition as a rapper. He has released several albums which has in turn spawned a great deal of earnings, as well as various award nominations.

Drake has also been to accumulate a lot of income from his tours, and concerts. He is said to have averaged a million dollar on each concert from tickets sales. He has equally completed various tours, with one of his tours recorded to have generated a total of over seventy million dollars. A source has reported that he has been able to generate about a half of his net-worth from his music, but in exclusion of this, Drake has quite a few other ventures that provide him colossal earnings.

One of his other ventures outside his music is his clothing line, OVO. He sells clothes and accessories from a starting price of about $12 to as much as $4,000, and above. He has been able to incur millions from his clothing business. He also has a whiskey producing factory that has spawned him over thirty million dollars in 2019.

Drake despite  being a owner of brands,  has also been able to advertise for quite a number of other brands. Among the brands he endorses are Nike, Kodak, apple, and a whole lot more.

Just like some other famous individuals, Drake has a alarming fan base, which has aided him to over 50 million followers on Instagram. This enables him in making thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on just a sponsored post.

From a school dropout with only a acting dream to a major rapping personality in the music industry as well as the owner of various million dollar establishments, the Canadian rapper has been able to instigate hard-work, and commitment into his endeavors, this has aided him to his various achievements.

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