Dwayne Johnson Net Worth: Journey To Success

In life people try to pursue a professional path, get acquainted with it, and then try to be successful in that path, but there a few that have managed to do this in multiple professions, this unique individuals have proven that it is possible to incline achievement, and fame to more than one career, one of these persons is Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Douglas Johnson is a popular actor and producer, formerly a professional wrestler in the WWE where he earned the nickname ‘The Rock’. He was born on the 2nd of May 1972 to a wrestling family in Hayward California, the forty-seven years old actor, uniquely has ancestry from both African and Samoan origins. The rock although having these origins, he is also a citizen of the United States, where he resides.

Dwayne with a current estimated net-worth of  $280 million, initially had a contrasting ambition to his family line of professional wrestlers, previously a college football player before a cruel spell of injury, led to his sad exit, this then led to depression and distress as he saw his mates reaching greater heights, and enriching themselves, but this didn’t compel him to give up on life as he finally decided to follow the path of his father, and grandfather.

He made his debut in the then WWF in 1996 with the in-ring name ‘Rocky Mavia’ , a combination of his father and grandfathers name, constant improvement and success led to him claiming multiple championships such as the intercontinental title, world title, tag team title, each on multiple occasions, as well as other prestigious honors, winning the WWE fans and ultimately earning him the name “The peoples‘ champion” and becoming arguably one of the greatest entertainer to ever set foot in the squared circle.

Dwayne Johnson also along his wrestling career, decided to take part in another form of entertainment, been acting. He appeared in an episode of a seasonal in 1999, and acted his first movie in 2001, starring in the mummy returns, he then temporarily exited the WWE to pursue his acting career, he went on to appear on various movies and seasonals  such as HBO’s Ballers, The other guys, Jumanji, Baywatch, Rampage, Skyscraper, Central Intelligence, and various fast and furious franchises to mention a few. His years of hard-work and consistency led to him claiming the position of the highest paid actor in Forbes history and named the number one top grossing actor in 2019. He later returned partly to the WWE in 2012, and later retired as a professional wrestler in 2019 as a very successful one, and hugely a fan’s favorite.

He has appeared on various TV shows and various events, he however also announced his new ambition to also run for president of the United states in the coming 2020 national elections.

Having watched the life of this unique individual, one could derive that consistent hard-work is really pivotal and key to success, having been evicted with his family from their residence at the early age of 14, and having to pass through depression during his college football career, he let his believe and will to get better, and possible the best from life, to discover a new path when circumstances in life seems to pose some worth of discouragement, and dismay.

Through life, as it has proven to be ever-changing, and evolving, one should always pose a mindset to evolve with it, keep up with the trends and always be ready to get up from discouraging events, by finding new means and always injecting a spirit of hard-work, believe and optimism, through this greater heights are assured.

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