Ed Sheeran NET WORTH: Journey To Success

The U.k known for its beautiful and vibrant cities, as well as its various royal figures, and not to forget been known as home to a variety of sporting activities, has also been able to present us some world-class performers. One of these reputable artists is Ed Sheeran.

Born Edward Christopher Sheeran, on the 17th of February 1991, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. He is popularly known as Ed Sheeran for his award winning albums, and hits as a musician. He is also a songwriter and a guitarist. The 28 year old Grammy award winner resides in Framlingham, Suffolk in England. Ed also has an Irish linage.

Ed is estimated to have incurred a total net-worth of about $160 million as of 2019, which places him as one U.K’s  wealthiest artists, a proof of his ever-blossoming career in the music industry. For his wealth, and entitlements the young British musician has been able to rank fifth in the exclusive Forbes list of Celebrity 100.

The singer started his gradual rise to stardom in 2004, he also got admitted to study music at The Academy of Contemporary Music. Ed just like some other successful fellow musicians, had enjoyed singing from an early stage in his life. He practiced and performed with a local choir, and had constantly trained his guitar playing skills, being equally among his hobbies. He would however relocate from Cambridge to London, where he began to perform at little shows and events.

He kept consistency abreast hard-work as he constantly dropped various Eps. His efforts finally payed off, as he was signed a contract with The Asylum Records after one of his recordings ranked second on the iTunes chart, making over six thousand sales in just its first week on.

He released his first album in 2011, which produced a lot of sales for the young artists. He has since then dropped a couple of other albums. He has been able to sell over 140 million Records in his career, and equally sold millions of copies  of his albums, all these making him  one of the highest selling singers.

Ed Sheeran also gains a lot from his tours, one of his tours which started in 2018, for his album; divide, by 2019 was able to have generated a total of about $600 million, making it the highest in the world.

The popular celebrity apart from his singing engagement, occasionally takes part in movies, having appeared on the popular series; Game of Thrones, The Bastard Executioner, as well as The Simpsons. This has equally contributed to his huge earnings.

Ed due to his celebrity status, has been able to sign endorsement deals for some reputable companies which includes Heinz ketchup, Dunlop Manufacturing, and Hoax to mention a few. For his various successful hits and albums, the young composer has been able to win various awards, both within the U.K and overseas. Among his immense list of  honors of over thirty-five different awards are 4 Grammy awards, 2 people’s choice , the Brit awards, and several others.

At just twenty eight, the British super star has been able to achieve quite a lot. All this would not have been possible if he didn’t believe in himself, and the amount of potentials he had. He had to spend various years at the beginning of his career fighting, and thriving to achieve. He never relented in his quest, but believed that if he continually gave his best, that at last  he might achieve all he wanted. He showed a great deal of persistence, and kept a clear vision knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve, and through his believe in himself he has been able to attain success.

Rashed Miah
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