Ellen Degeneres NET WORTH: Journey To Success

In an era when some individuals have had claims of lack of equality of rights, control, and opportunities given to the female gender in comparison to the male sex, there are also  some industrious ladies who have thrived to establish themselves as highly influential personalities, not withstanding any  of these existing challenges. One of these great women is Ellen Degeneres.

Born Ellen Lee Degeneres on the 26th of January 1958, in Metairie, Louisiana in the U.S, the sixty-one year old T.V presenter is some-worth a Jack of many trades. She resides in a multi-million dollar home in the posh city of Beverly Hills. She  has a German, French, English and Scottish ancestry.

The popular T.V figure has been estimated to have accumulated a net-worth of about $450 million dollars, a result of her ever expanding and growing personality as a presenter, as well as an actress, a writer and a producer.

Ellen was admitted into the University of NewOrleans to earn a degree in Communication Studies, this was however faltered, as he decided to drop out at an early part of her studies, then deciding to take on some series of jobs. Some of the jobs she took were as a hostess, bartender, and a waitress.

At her early twenties, Ellen performed as a stand-up comedian and an emcee in small clubs and events, this was beginning to seem interesting as she in the following years, began to travel around the country for comedy related events and festivals. In 1984 she was then named by showtime, as the  funniest individual in the country.

Ellen also took part in a couple of films until the early 90s. These produced decent reviews and provided her chance to try some other different endeavors, as well as build her popularity. She equally made  some millions for her efforts.

In 1986, she took part in a television show called the Tonight’s show, this provided her with the exposure needed to venture into greater works, as she next would feature on shows such as; This friends of mine, and The Ellen show.

2003 marked the launch of what would be her most successful engagement yet, as she began to host the popular show; The Ellen Degeneres show. The show won various awards in its first three years of airing, and subsequently has continued to gain more viewers and audience, as well as her continually increasing pay, which has risen from an initial $15 million dollars in the start-up year of 2003, to a whooping estimate of $50 million dollars by 2018. The show is known to have hosted numerous celebrities, from musicians to writers to political personalities. This has also assisted the iconic T.V show  presenter, with the needed popularity to building her various other ventures.

One of the most commercially successful venture of Ellen, is her exquisite clothing and  shoe collections. A fashion line that is ever growing, having a pair of her shoe averagely sold for a couple of hundreds of dollars,  to as much as six hundred dollars.

Ellen has also managed to mass a very large amount of online audience via her various social media handles. She has been reported to make as much as $240,000 per sponsored post, and derives as much as a million dollars monthly from her YouTube channel. Annually the prolific T.V personality is estimated to earnings as much as $10 million dollars solely from her social media handles.

Her huge popularity has also enabled her to endorse some really huge brands and organizations such as; beauty products, American Express, Vitamin Water, amongst others. This providing her another huge income means.

Ellen has really established  herself as one of the greatest and most influential women of her time, but prior to her success, she had to show a great deal of dedication to her work. She had a talent, one which she embraced wholeheartedly, and through this choosing to eventually attain the best outcome she could from it. She continually tried to improve, without limiting herself, this has aided her to becoming what would be regarded as many, as a truly successful life.

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