Happiness And Money

Is money the key to happiness? The short answer would be “Yes.” Money does bring happiness, but after acquiring a certain amount of wealth, the correlation between happiness and money slowly fades out. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial ways money helps us become happy.

If happiness isn’t the essence of the outside object, then it has to be the essence of the subject. There’s nothing called perfect happiness on earth.

If you wish to boost your happiness, it’s only a matter of engaging in more happiness-enhancing pursuits and thought patterns. There have been plenty of people of the world with a very long assortment of money but their happiness proved to be a brief term thing, in order to find your true joy and happiness you must go without money to get what is your real price. What it is you’re left is either happiness, or the sensation of discontent for no obvious reason.

There is much more in life to enjoy than what money can purchase. Obviously, it can be very beneficial in helping you become a happier person. So, here’s a look at some of the research indicating that it does indeed play a role in making people happier. Money is intended to be invested, charitably given, and spent toward businesses and those who provide you a valuable support. There are many approaches to earn more money on the internet or from home.

There’s been long-established, empirical evidence to demonstrate that money ultimately are not able to buy happiness. It is an interesting thing. If you’ve got more income, you have better external conditions and thus a little more happiness.

The best quantity of money may differ from person to person. Then once the money disappears you’re slowly understand that the very same people you thought was with you once you had money is going to be the exact same folks exiting out of your life because you don’t have the sum of money you used to have. Money and happiness aren’t proportional.

Nowadays you understand what money really is and the way it works. Money is able to help you escape from trouble too. The money won’t ever alter that. It is only useful to the extent that it can support your bid for happiness. You will not ever have sufficient money.

Whenever you have money, you don’t will need to concentrate as much attention on acquiring it as a way to fulfill your basic needs. Money is only valuable as it can get you something else you desire. It’s important that you know where your hard-earned money is truly going. Money does not have any intrinsic value everyone knows that although there are lots who appear not to. For me it is now just a tool with which to create change. It brings happiness for selfless acts which are necessitated through a lack of money. Quite often, it’s just more income. Doing things for others can also bring happiness but that to requires money various times.

Supporting Lifestyles:

Happiness and joy comes from having money, when spent on the right things. Supporting certain lifestyles contribute towards the overall wellness and general happiness level of a human being. Certain lifestyles do require more money, and this is precisely the reason everyone links happiness to money.

Easing Financial Complexities:

More money automatically means the reduction of financial troubles and anxieties. With a higher salary, you don’t have to worry about paying your rent, buying exclusive food, shopping for brand items and products, and living your life care-free.

Financial Complexities are considered the source of more than half of population’s problem. Everyone suffers from financial troubles in one way or another. Having more money not only eliminates the financial troubles, but also rids one from the overwhelming thoughts of dealing with such troubles.

Helping Your Own:

How many times do we look at our loved ones and their individual troubles, and want to help them more than anything? Our financial limitations and budget restrict us from helping out the ones we love.

With money, we can not only help ourselves, but help those who need it. We can donate to charities, make an impact in the real world, and also help our relatives, friends and loved people.

Cash is king! Everything of value has an attached monetary value to it. is money the source to evil? Well us humans commit unspeakable atrocities all the in the name of getting power and wealth. Bearing in mind the power of money, it is important to ask ourselves: does money bring happiness?

Money does not last forever. It is as temporary as the world around us, yet many have wasted their lives in pursuit of accumulating as much money as possible. We as humans don’t inhabit this planet for a long time. In fact, most of us are lucky if we have lived past 100 years. Materialism fails to fill the void in our lives, and that is why even the richest of men live the saddest of lives. Money gives us the illusion of happiness, but even if we achieve massive amounts of wealth in our short lives, we fail to find happiness.

Some see money as the magic bullet that solves all the problems of our lives. To some extent, it is true. Money does help people improve their financial health and their status in society, but happiness is a thing that comes from within. We each have the tools to be happy, but we are clouded to such an extent by this materialistic world that we often get distracted in the hustle and bustle of our modern lives.

When we start detaching ourselves from this materialistic nature and start looking inwards for personal development, it is at that moment that we find the meaning of our lives and the secret to everlasting happiness. Strong family ties, a healthy relationship with our neighbors, a good balance between work and our personal lives all play a part in emotionally fulfilling us and bringing us true happiness.

The concept of money came into existence as an alternative to the barter system. It was introduced as a common medium using which goods can be sold and purchased. But over the years, just as human relationships became complex, there has been a noticeable transition in the perceived meaning of money.

We start our survival for existence from the very birth. As we grow up and overcome the hurdles we realize that there is actually no end to challenges. It keeps on increasing throughout our lifetime. According to the famous poem, “All the World’s A Stage” written by William Shakespeare, we are mere playing our part in the world drama, and as our part ends we eventually leave. Only a few of us realize that money is just a tool or object that facilitates our living.

A study was conducted by the Harvard Business School to identify what are the factors that make our lives happy and helps us to live longer. It identified that it is the relationships that affect our level of happiness and governs our life span. The study showed that a healthy relationship is a foundation for a happy life. Shockingly, money does not bring happiness. In fact, money is the very cause for the rift between relationships, leading to sorrow and stressed life.

Questions like this has been asked, time and again. There are many ways of looking at it. However, the real answer is…money brings comfort. If you have the money, you can switch the air-conditioner on for an extra hour or two, you can upgrade to a better room view at your hotel etc. As to whether money brings happiness to the rest of us – that is really up to an individual as what happiness means to them. For some, just having enough money in the bank is happiness knowing they do not have to worry about anything. To others, happiness is more about letting others know they have made it in life. If you ask this question to a charity, ” Yes, money brings happiness to our foundation as we are helping others, and for that, we are grateful for every cent that comes through.”

Moreover, money doesn’t bring happiness to everyone! It does create opportunities for people to visit exotic places and buy luxury toys. But it’s the correct mindset that brings happiness. With some people, it doesn’t matter how much money they have because they can’t get their heads switched to the right channel. For them, life is a monotonous grind where expectations are never realized. Why is this? These people are governed by negative forces. They want to go through life finding some kind of fault with everything they encounter. If they can’t find something, that isn’t right for them in every situation, they will invent something to bring about some kind of conflict or discord. In a strange way, this might make them happy but everyone else suffers and it creates a complete downer for everyone involved. Mr. or Mrs. Negativity has won the day again. It’s a kind of spoilt brat syndrome. The kid in the playground, with his ball, who finds he or she is being left out of the game. So they pick up their ball and walk away. If they can’t be the centre of attention then no one gets to play.

To the millions of impoverished or even struggling people of this world, the answer would be a resounding Hell Yes! Money provides comfort in a multitude of ways and can solve lots of problems. It can save time and effort, and it puts food on the table. In many situations, it can even save lives. Yet to those that have money, the financially secure, the answer is not quite so simple. Think about those friends or family members who have more money than you have ever dream of, and ask yourself, are they permanently happy? Perhaps you even know someone with a shit ton of money who has revealed to you that they are being abused and have suffered from addiction problems their whole lives! Money does not make one immune from tragedy. People with money lose loved ones, suffer from health issues and also live a life filled with responsibilities. They may be able to afford the doctors bills, trips to therapists and fancy funerals, but they can’t bring back the dead and they can’t cure cancer or Aids. Quality of life is determined by your level of health and also by the relationships that you have in your life. Many people with money become isolated from other human beings, simply because they do not need to rely on anyone else for help. People with less money are often forced into being more sociable, whether through house-share situations, car-pooling clubs or even walking to work with a friend.


Money does tend to increase our levels of visible and hidden happiness and general cheerfulness. However, once we have enough, an increase in our wealth does little to make us happier than we are.

Money is of elemental importance in the modern era, however, some people remain happy even with a little. Contentment is something that can be achieved even with a little wealth, but having money just makes it easier to be contented with what we have.

At last, you are what you’re ready to do for your wealth. Money can be helpful, however, to reduce stress that may diminish the happiness you do have. Money, with no doubt, can save us from plenty of sadness and create our lives easier.

Rashed Miah
My name is Rashed Miah, I am the CEO and founder of THE RICH GETS RICHER. This website was founded in October 2018. I am very passionate to talk about success, I followed my passion and decided to express my knowledge of success to the world through this website. For all individuals who visits this site, my overall aim is to motivate them about their life, also to help them financially, spiritually, mentally and physically when it comes to success and achieving big goals and dreams.
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Good article. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..