Harry Kane Football Statistics To Success

He was born July 28th 1993 in London, England. He made his first debut with Tottenham Youth team in Season 09/10 July 1, 2009 where he moved to Tottenham U18. January 1,2011 season 10/11 he left Tottenham U18 to join the Spurs also in the same season January 7,2011 he joined Leyton Orient on a loan basis and he moved back to Spurs in May 31,2011 which was when the loan ended. In season 11/12 He was then sent on a loan to Millwall January 1,2012 which ended May 32,2012. Season 12/13 Norwich got him on a loan August 31,2012  which ended in the same season February 1,2013 which saw his Market Value raise from nothing to 500 Thousand Euros and then he went on yet another loan to Leicester February 21,2013 with the same MV of 500 Thousand Euros and the loan finally ended May 14,2013 with him going back to The Spurs.

His main position is a Centre-Forward but he has other positions as a Second Striker and a Left Winger, his current Market Value is 150 Million Euros as last update in December 19, 2018 while his Highest Market Value as at May 28,2018 was 150 Million Euros. His agent is Unique Sports Management and his contract with Spurs lasts till June 30,2024 with the last contract extension December 6,2016. He debut in the England U17 team May 27,2010 with 2 goals under his belt at the age of 16, he went on to join the U19 October 8,2010 at the age of 17 with 6 goals, at the age of 19 he joined the U20 team wearing the No 14 jersey playing in 1 goal. 20 years old he joined the U21 team August 13,2013 with 8 goals and then made his debut in the UEFA Nations League A with England at the age of 21 years of age with 22 goals under his belt to boast of. Making that 39 goals in total.

He played in 7 International friendlies games with 5 goals, substituted on 2 times, substituted off 3 times,1 penalty goal with a play time of 146’ minutes per goal and 730’ minutes played.  Played in UEFA Euro qualifying scoring 5 goals,2 beautiful assists,3 substituted on, 2 substituted off and 1 penalty goal with 81’ minutes per goal and 406’ minutes played while in the World Cup he scored 6 goals, substituted off 1,3 penalty goals played in 96’ minutes per goal and 573’ minutes played in the game. In the World Cup Qualification he scored 5 solid goals with 1 assist, substituted off 1 with 1 penalty goal scored all done in 532’ minutes played with a 106’ minutes per goal. He went on to the EURO 2016 where he was substituted on 1 and substituted on 1 while playing 239’ minutes in the game and finally in The UEFA Nations League he scored just once with 3 assists in the game scoring 360’ minutes per goal at 360’ minutes played in the game. He has had a series of injuries ranging from Ankle injuries and knee injuries.

He was named Top Scorer 3 time from 2015/2016 with 6 goals, 2016/2017 with 29 goals and 2017/2018 scoring 25 goals. In the same years he was awarded Top Scorer 3 times for Tottenham Hotspur and England. 

He was ranked number 4 amongst all the players worldwide, ranked number 1 amongst all the players in the Premier League also named number 1 amongst all the players in Spurs and ranked number 1 in the English squad. He was ranked number 2 amongst all the players playing as Centre Forward and in 1993 he was ranked number 1 amongst all players born in 1993.

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