Ice Cube NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Ice Cube Net Worth

O’Shea Jackson, popularly known as `Ice Cube’ is an American rapper, and actor who also produces, directs, and writes songs and screenplays. He was born on the June the 15th, 1969, in Los Angeles, California in the U.S. Although being a Black-American, he is believed by some of having Irish ancestry.

Ice cube, has been reported of having a net-worth of about $160 million, an evidence of his success from various of his professions. The fifty year old has established himself according to many ranking channels, and entertainment centers, as one of the best rappers of all time, although with lyrics described by many as socio-politically harsh, but to him, a means of expressing himself, his grievances and life experiences.

Jackson from an early age developed a likening to rapping, as he has started writing raps, during keyboard classes from his days in high school. He reportedly  had sold a song at the age of just  sixteen. He however continued his education and also finished college education as an architectural craftsman, as to provide a back-up means for him, should Incase his hip-hop career pursuit didn’t flourish. He went on to form a two-man music group with a friend, which they called, C.I.A. He however went on to be a member of a second music-group called N.W.A ( Niggaz with attitudes), which saw him record alongside various notable artists at that time, multiple albums until his disbandment from the group in 1989, due to some bad blood caused by financial disagreements. Following his separation from the group, he decided to start a solitary career. This saw the release of his first album as a solo artist, which he titled, Amerikkka’s most wanted, which was followed by a second titled, Death Certificate. He went on to record various other albums, and in 1996, decided to form another group, `west side connection’ .

Cube, has continued to create more and more hits  as his popularity continued to grow, providing him various honors, and also his stream of abundant earnings . He in 1991, decided to alter his course in his entertainment career to start acting, which saw him play a role in the 1991 drama/crime movie, `Boyz in the hood’ , which was followed by some others such as;  higher learning, three kings and so many others.

Ice cube also, following a suggestion from a friend, that since he could write raps and records, that he could also readily write a film, he took this advice and went on to write multiple screenplays including  Friday, Barber’s shop, and XXX return of Xander cage, in which he has also in few of them  crewed as the producer, or director. Apart from his movie, and rapping career, Ice cube has created a clothing line he named, `Solo by Cube’  , as well as an NBA league, made up of former NBA players and greats.

Cube’s immense passion for what he liked, and enjoyed doing since his young age, has aided him in the pursuit to become successful in that, coupled with his belief and level of self-encouragement. He, prior to his rise to fame, played a wise card in trying to complete his education, to serve as a means of back- up, there by not putting his eggs in one basket.

Another great moral of his story, is to try to always  keep a circle of friends, that see positivity in you, and constantly encourage you in trying new engagements. He was advised by a friend to tryout writing movie scripts, as he saw the potentials in Cube, this greatly has  bolstered Cube’s personality, and provided him a platform to achieving greater heights.

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