Jack Ma NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Jack Ma Net Worth

Jack Ma, born Ma Yun on the 10th of September 1964 in Hangzhou, China,   is a lecturer, and former executive chairman of the prestigious Alibaba Group, a group of companies co-founded by him.  He currently resides in Hangzhou, China. The business man is a known figure all over his country, China as the owner of various establishments.

Ma is calculated by Forbes, to have a net-worth above $35 billion, being the founder to one of the largest online sales, and retail platforms.

Ma, presently a lecturer, has always had passion for English, which saw him resort to extreme means to learn the language, which at that time was not spoken by many, by riding tourists for several kilometers just to converse with them, and practice with them the foreign language. He registered for a chance  to gain admission to a Chinese college to study. This saw him take the exams as many as four times, before becoming successful. He attended the now Hangzhou University, where he acquired his degree in English.

Subsequent to his graduation, and becoming a lecturer, he decided to take on a job, this forced the young Ma, to  apply for as much as thirty positions, but was deemed ineligible for all. one of the disheartening of them, being his application to KFC which he said, got to employ all twenty-four applicants who applied for the job in exemption of himself. The negativity behind this, could have made one believe that he must have really been incompetent and of poor skills, but this didn’t stop the future billionaire from striving to attain better from his life.

As he was not granted an opportunity to work for any organization, he thereby decided to create one of his own, an innovative company that aided with translation. He later travelled abroad to the United States, where he with the aid of friends, created a website brought about by the knowledge of there being no existing real informative platform about his country, China on the internet. This creation generated a little publicity, as they were soon contacted by various Chinese investors.

1995, marked their introduction of his second business for China pages in the Inited States. Within a few years, they had generated as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars from their ventures . He later on through assistance of his friends, started establishing websites for Chinese organizations.

In 1999, the crew comprising of Ma, and his friends decided to move back to Hangzhou, to establish Alibaba in his flat, which initially started as a business site for only China-china businesses. This yielded within a short period millions of dollars worth of investments. With Persistent development of the company, it became a large enterprise with ancillary firms, such as the market place, Tmall, Alipay,  Alibaba cloud computing, and more. Today it is the largest online sales and retail market for Chinese products.

Ma’s rise to glory is an inspiring tale, as he had to go through various forms of disappointments. He had to match his love and passion of learning English, to the disappointment of writing annual examination and not passing, he had to persevere until he could finally pass the examination. He also had to apply for various vacancies in companies, all to no avail, but saw this as a steppingstone to creating one of his own.

Ma saw the breach, or vacancy in the in-existence of internet services in connection to his country, China. He saw a way to exploit this gap, while providing the much needed awareness aid to Chinese establishments, an ultimately a means of providing a steady income source.

The relentless and `no giving up’ attitude he continually displayed through various life challenges, and devising alternatives to them could be sited as one of the key factors to the success story of this Chinese magnate, in becoming one of the greatest names in the history of his country, and in the world in general.

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