Jay Z NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Jay Z born Shawn Corey Carter, is an African-American rapper, producer and entrepreneur, who was born on the 4th of December 1969, in New-York, in the United States. He currently lives with spouse, Beyoncé and children in their house in Los Angeles, California.

He is listed as one of the wealthiest rappers with the net-worth estimate of about a billion dollars in 2019. The renowned rapper has quite an amount of income streams, these we hope to analyze subsequently.

Growing up he attended high school where he would get to meet a few individuals who would also in the future became artists. He however wasn’t able to complete his education. His desire to start making music, could be attributed greatly to his birthday gift from his mum, a boom box. This would lead to likeness to free-styling, as he started writing several raps.

He would after a couple of local stage appearances release his debut rap track in 1995, and with this kickstarting his professional rap career. Being a singer with no signing to any music group or label, he would decide in partnership with a couple of friends, to start up a new label in 1995. Shortly after he released an album which would go on to reach as much as the twenty-third spot on the Billboard’s 200. He would subsequently establish himself in the music world with the release of various other tracks and albums. Till the year 2019, he has been able to release as much as nineteen studio albums, aiding him to attain the position of one of the highest selling artists with over a hundred million of album sales. This has chiefly not only enabled him affirm his position and recognition in the world of hip-hop, but also contributed to his large earnings, and provided a steppingstone to venturing into other establishments.

The popular rapper has also held or participated in quite a number of tours from which he has been able to also realize a chunk of income. In 2008, his participation in two separate tours gained him quite a lot, as the two tours were able to gross a total of over a hundred and fifty million dollars. He has since participated in several others including the 2014 tour with his wife hat spawned over a hundred million dollars, and his tour with U2 which grossed over seven hundred million dollars.

Apart from his musical career, he has also managed to gain appearances in a number of movies since his debut role in the 2000 film, Backstage. In accordance to this, he has followed it up with at least three other acting roles, each providing some amount of pay-out.

His social engagements is also no short of earnings, as he is estimated to be making hundreds of dollars from the singular posting of sponsored contents. He has also been able to land lucrative sponsorship deals with companies like Samsung, Live Nation, Brooklyn Nets, and some other brands.

As an entrepreneur the American rapper also earns from his various businesses. Among these is his Clothing brand, Rocawear, which sells clothes of both adults and children of both gender. It has however become a million dollar venture. Among his other dealings are his stake in the NBA team, Brooklyn Nets, being a co-brand executive for the bear company, Budweiser, and a few other businesses.

Growing up in a violent street to his music career fame, to his various multi-million dollar ventures, it could be agreed on that his struggle was one of the major catalytic agents to achieving all these. His zeal has proven pivotal, as he has been able to reach heights in his musical endeavors as well as bolstering various of his establishments and dealings.

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