Jeff Bezos NET WORTH: Journey To Success

The era  we live in, which could be described as one categorized by a great level of technological advancement, in which over  past decades, have experienced sequences of improvements, to a stage presently, where there are almost every mechanical aid to every life activity. From  the relatively instantaneous transfer of funds, to high speed transportation machineries and vessels, to the satellite systems and live broadcast invents as well as lots of other instances. But amidst these,  there also seems to be unique individuals, who strive to even further exhilarate the present living standards of the human planet,  one of these personalities is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos , born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen 12th of January 1964, in New Mexico, United States. He is an entrepreneur, and the founder of Amazon inc. He had to grow up in Texas, and Miami due to timely relocations by his mum, and step-dad. He currently resides in New York.

The American entrepreneur is estimated to have acquired a total of around $113.7 billion, a result of his booming online store, as well as his other various investments.

Growing up in Miami, he acquired his high  school education, while working as a part- time cook at Macdonald’s, during the early shift. He also became a member of a science program at the Florida university after his admission into Princeton University. He  graduated with a 4.2 G.PA in 1986, as an electrical engineer.

Upon graduation, he was offered employment by several organizations, he however choose to work for Fitel telecommunications, where he was subsequently promoted to the position of the H.O.D. By 30, he would have worked for a total of three enterprises, before embarking on his quest to build an online bookstore.

He founded Amazon in 1994, originally Cadabra, as a web bookstore, using his garage apartment as the office. Subsequent years witnessed development in his establishment which led to an expansion to accommodate alongside books, the online sales of songs and videos, and by the end of 1998, to some tangible goods.

The year 2002, saw further diversification of  Amazon into various web services.  Subsequent to the company’s realization of over $400 million by 2003, the Amazon kindle was launched in 2007. Prior to becoming the world’s online leader in sales and distribution, they signed a $600 million deal in partnership with the C.I.A. Through the years the company has recorded consistent increment in values of company shares, from which Jeff would sell in acquisition of some other projects.

Among some other ventures acquired by the American billionaire is the Washington Post which he bought for $250 million in 2013, as well as the Blue Origin, an aerospace organization, which he created in 2000, to facilitate his dream of creating a means of human access and inhabiting in orbital, and sub-orbital space, through the aid of technological advanced rockets, and vehicles.

He was also among the initial investors of Google in 1998, and by 2017, the initial investment of just about $250,000 had risen to $3.1 billion. The 55 year old has also invested in Unity Biotechnology, a unique establishment Fostering the unique vision of means to aiding the human race by limiting the sequence of aging in human beings.

Jeff’s dealings, and establishment has enabled him in acclaiming a personality of one of the most  influential humans, and conclusively the wealthiest on the planet.

Bezos has since his youth shown his interest, and love for science, which saw him win the silver knight award, as well as the National merit scholar price as a president of the student’s forum of scholars who were researching space evolution, a key role that encouraged the initiative towards his founding of The Blue origins.

He was ready to quit his occupation to enact, and establish his own company, after noticing the potential growth of an establishment of such. He through a high deal of commitment and hard-work drove his dream establishment, which had started with just his garage, which he had reformed into an office to what would later become the biggest online store.


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