Jennifer Lawrence NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Often in life, individuals get to seek guidance from people, in respect to a conceivable career paths, but occasional is the case where an individual decides to follow an opposing part, in spite of discouragements from surrounding acquaintances, believing and encouraging one’s self, and finally achieving success amidst all negative situations. This can be described in the north shell as the rise to fame of the popular actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress born on the 15th of August 1990, in Indian hills, Kentucky, U.S. The 29 years old actress despite her  well-acclaimed popularity and wealth, still resides in her childhood apartment at Santa Monica.

The popular actress as of 2019, is estimated to have generated a net-worth of about $130 million dollars, this feat makes her the youngest and most paid actress on the globe.

Growing up, Jennifer took part in various school activities such as; soft-ball, field hockey and basketball, all in for the men’s team as she was deemed hyperactive, and to have attributed greater strength in comparison to her other female counterparts. She however also enjoyed acting, as she started engaging in church plays at the tender age of nine. At the age of fourteen, she was scouted and arranged to take part in some auditions.

On gaining positive recommendations from agents during her audition, she got signed by the CESD talent agents. She went on to further her plight as an actress against her mother’s desire of her becoming a model, this quest also led to her quitting school.

2006 saw Jennifer feature in a television movie, Company Town. Following that she made  appearances on T.V shows, and on a movie series.

She had continued to play various roles, and in various genres, but it would not be until her role in the 2010 movie, Winter’s Bone, that she really would attain great recognition in her acting career. Gaining her the National Board of Review Award, as well as an Academy Award  nomination for best actress.

In 2011, she played a even bigger role in the X-men: First class  as a shape shifting mutant, the film went on to gross $350 million worldwide. She went on to play roles in the later X-men films as `mystique’ after her previous account of the film was deemed exceptional. Lawrence has also acted the various hunger games films, and as a Russian spy in one of her most recent films; Red Sparrow.

The reputable actress has managed to gross a total of $5.7 billion all through her acting career, making her one of the highest grossing actress of all time. Her Personal earnings have also been heightened in recent years, seeing her become the highest paid female performer of the movie industry in 2014, and 2015. Lawrence in accordance to her in-depth performances, and ever entertaining roles has been able to claim various awards from various nominations. Among some of her awards are an Academy award, a BAFTA award, five MTV awards, three Golden Globe awards, multiple People’s Choice Awards and a couple of others.

Lawrence has gained a profile as one of the best and most successful actresses of her time, and possibly all time, a feat she couldn’t have achieved without her great deal of Will and hard-work which she continues to show. She had to at various occasions lose weight, practice yoga as well as learn  fighting and climbing skills just to fit into characters..

She showed great courage in choosing to go through and follow that which she believed in, amidst discouragements, and  instances of unsupport. She followed her dreams, and accompanied with dedication, consistency and hard-work, she has grown to become a personality possibly greater than her wildest imaginations.

Rashed Miah
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