Kevin De Bruyne Football Statistics To Success

He was born June 28th 1991 in Drongen Belgium, he made his first debut with Belgium U18 team at the age of 17 years 4 months with 7 matches under his belt, he also played in the Belgium U19 team at the age of 17 years 10 months in May 11,2009 with 10 matches. He went on to play for the National team U21 in March 24, 2011 at the age of 19 years 8 months before he was added into the official Belgium team by the age of 19 years 1 month on August 11, 2010 with 68 matches under his belt.

He went on the be seen in over 68 matches ranging from 26 International friendlies,17 World Cup Qualifications, 10 UEFA Euro qualifying, 10 World Cup and then 5 Euro with 15 goals in total with 27 assists and 3 red cards while playing with the Belgium National team. His main position is as an Attacking Midfield but he has tried in his hands as playing Central Midfield and Right Winger.

He came into the international scene when he left KRC Genk in season 11/12 to join Chelsea and the England in January 31,2012 at Market Value of 9 million Euros with a fee of 8 million Euros, he left Chelsea and the England team to join KRC Genk on a loan in February 1, 2012. In the same Season after the end of his loan to KRC Genk he went back to join Chelsea and the England team. In season 12/13 he went on yet another loan to Werder Bremen for 450 Th Euros still under the previous MV of 9 million Euros on August 2,2012 and his loan ended on the 30th of June 2013 when he rejoined Chelsea and the England team his MV rose to a whooping 10 million Euros. In season 13/14 he finally left Chelsea to join Vfl Wolfsburg and Germany team with an amazing MV of 15 million Euros and an outstanding fee of 22 million Euros. Finally, he left both teams to join The England team and Man City on August 30,2015 with outstanding 45 million Euros with the breathtaking fee of 76 million Euros with the total of 106,45 million Euros in total. 

Since he came on the International scene we have seen him play in The Premier league in 31 matches with 2 goals in,2 assists, substituted on 7 times, substituted off 7 times with 2 yellow cards with 481’ minutes per goal and 962’ minutes played where we saw his Thigh problems, sitting on the bench, Muscular problems with lots of Ligament injuries and also lots of Torn knee Ligaments as well in the Premier League.

In the EFL he played in the 6 games with 2 goals, no assists, substituted off 5 times with 182’ minutes per goal and 364’ minutes played with one Torn Knee Ligament. In the Championship League he played 10 games with 4 assists, substituted on 1 time, substituted off 2 times and played 248’ minutes where we still see Thigh problems, Ligament injuries coupled with Torn Knee ligaments. He also played in the FA cup in 5 games with 1 goal, 4 assists, substituted off 3 times with 207’ minutes per goal and 207’ minutes played.

He won Belgian Cup Winner in 2009, he won Belgian Champion for his Team KRC Genk in 2010/2011. He won The German Cup Winner in 2014/2015 and then German Super Cup Winner for Vfl Wolfsburg in 2015/2016 and he later won The Footballer of the year in Germany in 2015 and Won 3 times the English League Cup Winner for Manchester City consecutively from 2016, 2018 and 2019.

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