Kevin Hart Net Worth: Journey To Success

The business of entertainment is one chosen by many to be a very lucrative means of living, Hollywood basically has given rise to various men, and women who have grown to become big names in the industry  as well as famous icons all over the world, one of these notable individuals is Kevin Hart.

Kevin Darnell Hart is an American actor, producer and comedian. The forty year old actor was born on the 6th of July 1979 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, aside been an American residing in Los Angeles, the famous actor has been discovered of having African roots.

The successful professional actor and comedian has been estimated to have a net worth of $155,000,000, it is overt that the source of his sum of income emanates solely from his comedy and acting.

Kevin started his early career as a stand-up comedian in New England where he performed at local clubs, his first show was at the laugh house, where he used the stage name `Lil Kev’ which didn’t produce the expected start he would have wanted, as he was booed occasionally off stage, he once performed in a show where a piece of chicken was thrown at him, despite all these and having a slow start to his career, all these didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams, he went on in other provinces in Pennsylvania, but it was not until 2001 that he gained his entrance to the limelight when he starred in the TV series undeclared. He released his first stand-up comedy album in 2008, titled am a grown man, he also went on to star at various blockbuster movies and shows, like Central Intelligence, Ride along, Real husbands of Hollywood, Jumanji, Think like a man, About last night, Get hard, Night school and so much others.

In 2018 Kevin saw out the production of his film under his production company, which goes by the name Heartbeat productions. In October 2018, the company signed a deal with Nickelodeon.

During the course of his career he has won and have been nominated for several honorary awards such as artist of the year at the Acalpulco black film festival, best actor at the BET, favorite funny star at the Kids choice awards, Entertainer of the year at the NAACP image awards, choice comedian at the teen choice awards, and so many more.

Kevin from the start of his great career to the present have shown that although life, may not present us with the best situation at times, or be a bed of roses, but at stages present us with challenges that are meant to either brake us, or make us better, it is important to never relent. An example being those slow  years he had to spend with no reasonable outcome, instead he was on the receiving end of jeers and other negative and discouraging treatments by his audience, it definitely didn’t keep him from trying harder, continually and repeatedly. He knew what he wanted and continually worked towards getting and achieving it, despite all turmoil and turbulence, that he had to face while getting there.

Through this one could derive that not everyone goes through life having it easy, that at some stage negative experiences are encountered, but that the key to overcoming is persistence and perseverance, that through always having a no-stopping mindset, and being able to give one’s best every other time, despite unwanted circumstances and scenarios, one could always scale through all these and subsequently unveil and embrace the next level on the path to victory, and in some cases this next level is usually success.

Rashed Miah
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