KSI NET WORTH: Journey To Success

KSI Net Worth 

KSI, the alias representing an individual who has to a large extent, boomed the world stage in various fields, and entertainment channels.

Olajide Williams J.J Olatunji , popularly denoted by just KSI, is a public entertainer who was born on the 19th of June 1993 in London. The popular YouTuber is an actor, rapper as well as an amateur boxer, who although having a British nationality as to being born there,  has both his parents being indigenes of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. He still resided in Watford, Hartford-shire where he grew up.

Olajide is estimated to having a net worth of around $5 million in 2019, showing the results of the gains,  and benefits acquired as a result of his huge versatility.

KSI, gained ground- breaking fame, through his YouTube channel which he used in posting of his various EA FIFA exhibition matches, and grand theft clips. He however created another channel in which  he has been recorded to having whooping total of more than four billion views from his twenty million plus subscribers. This  has led to him being ranked as the most influential you-tuber in the U.K, surpassing his brother, and fellow YouTuber who is ranked second. He also has the 99th highest channel in the world, in respect to amounts of total subscribers, making a real marketable figure.

The enormous amount of interactions derived as led to him endorsing for various brands, and co-operate  labels, and also generating awareness which he has used immensely in bolstering  his various other pursuits, such as his amateur boxing, which generated him over 1.5 million live views and 25 million plus within just a few days, only after  his debut fight with YouTuber, Joe Weller. This became the highest in history of white collar boxing, and ultimately earning him the YouTube boxing championship.

The year 2011, saw the famous you-tuber’s decision to taking a new  entertainer role. He released a song, `Heskey time’  on iTunes. He also formed a minor program on his channel, that featured rap battles. His ever-growing musical personality as a rapper, has since then earned him various  collaborations with popular artists, as well as top charting singles and albums, such as Disstraktions, slow motion, red, and his recent album `New Age’ which debuted as the leading album on the U.K R&B albums chart.

KSI also being an actor, debuted as the leading character in the 2016 film, `laid in America ‘, and then a documentary about himself in 2018. He has been nominated by NME as the Vlogger of the year, which he won;  his widespread popularity, and diversified personality continues to grow.

KSI has exhibited his level of creativity, and ingenuity, having choosing to go beyond the use of social media as just for following trends, posting and interacting to posts which is perceived by many as the uses of social media platforms, but to serve him, as a medium to establish himself as a public figure, and through this showcase his various talents, and gifts.

He has shown that the social media tool, is one if utilized efficiently, could present so many benefits. He, also realizing he had a lot of talents which he could showcase, he was never afraid of trying new things, but saw  the possibility of exploiting his various assets, his diversified  personality has proven that one could achieve success once there is presence of the right attitude, focus, self-organization, and proper coordination. That through always pushing one’s self to reaching various other parts and accessing those qualities, there is an unending measure to what one could really achieve.

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