Kylian Mbappe Football Statistics To Success

Born December 20,1998 in Bondy, France to parents Wilfried Mbappe and Fayza Lamari. He has a half brother who also plays football as well.  He has dual citizenship from France and Cameroon, his main position is Centre Forward and also plays Right and Left Winger and his agent is a relative. He joined Paris – Saint- Germain In July,2018 and his contract expires June 30,2022 and he is out fitter by Nike. He started playing football at the young age of 6 while being coached by Antonio Riccardi and his father before he moved to the  atonal football center Clairefontaine which helps groom young hopefuls while he was there he impressed scouts and clubs alike from aReal Madrid to Manchester City, Bayern and even Liverpool.

He officially started play when he was 15 for France U17 while being coached by Jean-Claude Giuntini then joined the U19 by the age of 17 in 2016 coached by Ludovic Batelli before he then moved to the French Official team March 25,2017 there he was coached by Didier Deschamps at the age of 18. In season 15/16 July, 2015 he left Monaco Jugend to join Monaco U19 in the same season March 6,2016 he moved to Monaco with a rising Market Value of 250 Thousand Euros then in the following season 17/18 August 31,2017 he joined Paris SG with an increased MV of 35 Million Euros and a loan fee of 45 Million Euros and the loan contract expired in June,2018 while he went back to Monaco his MV rose to an alarming MV of 120 Million Euros based on his hat tricks and his level of workmanship in his craft. Kylian then officially joined the Paris SG team with the amazing fee of 135 Million Euros. His current MV as dated December 17,2018 is 200 Million Euros which is the same as his Highest MV. 

He has been awarded European U19 Champion while he played with France U19 team in 2016, in 3 seasons his team PSG won French Champion in 17/18 & 18/19 while in season 16/17 his team team AS Monaco won French Champion as well. Season 17/18 PSG won French League Cup Winner, he later won Footballer of the year for France in 2018, his home team World Cup in 2018. In 2017 he was awarded The Golden Boy award which is only given by the Sport journalists while in the same year we see him being award as the eighth best player in the world which was given by UEFA. 2018 he was recognized as the Fourth Best Player in the World. Kylian won the Kopa Trophy this is given to the best player under the age of 21. He even broke Thierry Henry’s record and becoming the youngest goal scorer in Monaco before he signed a 3 year contract with them.

He is a new arrival on the football scene plus he plays First Tier in his team plus he isn’t just a footballer but he is also involved in philanthropic activities and he care about the African Continent and wants to assist in the development of sports in Africa in a way giving back to his root and making sure to at least impact in someone’s life.

He is just 20 years and in this little time has accomplished a lot for a young footballer who is just starting out and this is to show once you are determined go for it and never stop giving it your best. He has sustained a shoulder injury while playing in the match against Toulouse.while having a red card suspension.

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