Liam Neeson NET WORTH: Journey To Success

The movie scene continues to be one of the most popular means of entertainment, and relaxation to all, providing through it some nice talents, and individuals  who have gone towards to  achieve sort of a legendary profile, as greats of the movie industry. An example of these elite is the Scottish actor, Liam Neeson.

Liam John Neeson, is a renowned actor who was born on the 7th of June 1952, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He currently lives in the bustling city of New York. The sixty-seven year old is a citizen of the Northern island where he was given birth to.

The multiple Golden Globe awards winner, is estimated to having a net worth of about $85 million, mainly attributed to his acting appearances and Endorsement dealings.

Liam grew up learning to box, but also took part in plays during his school days. In 1971, he was admitted into the Queen’s University Belfast, to major in physics and Computer science, but this would be marked as incomplete as he would decide to drop out  to work in a bottling company. He also during his university days developed interest in football, which saw him attend trail sessions, and even feature in a match as a substitute, but at the end didn’t all work out.

He continued to work a couple of jobs, before joining Lyric players’ theatre in Belfast, and later got to appear in a movie for the first time in 1977,  playing the role of Jesus in the movie; Pilgrim’s progress. From then on he began to feature in more movies and also got to join the national theatre in Ireland. Continuous hard-work, led to him attracting interests from other directors, including a filmmaker who wanted him to star in his upcoming project, Excalibur. He would then star in the 1999 movie the Schindler’s list which attracted various award nominations.

One of the highlights to his career came in 1999 when he started as one of the leading roles in the outer space fiction movie, Star Wars: Episode I . Prior to its release it was surrounded by a lot of crowd prospects, it however didn’t disappoint. Neeson’s performance was complimented by many, and also earned a nomination for a Saturn award.

The early years of the twenty-first century, saw him take part in Television series, Shows. and documentaries alongside his acting roles. In 2008 he played a role in the movie,Taken. The movie went on to gross almost $224 million after its release. Subsequent roles saw him act in blockbuster movies such as; the LEGO Movie, War of the Worlds, Clash of the Titans, The dark knight rises, the other guy,  the sequel to his 2008 appearance; Taken, and so many more. One of his recent works being Cold pursuit in which he stars as a man who seeks to investigate the murder of his son.

Through his career, Neeson has been able to gain award nominations from various movie festivals, some of which he had went on to win. They include one Academy award nomination, a BAFTA award nomination, and three Golden Globe awards nominations. He has also gained honorary awards such as that of the Officer Of  the Order Of The British Empire, (OBE), doctorate awards by his alma mater, amongst others.

 Hard-work is one of the attributes portrayed by the prolific actor, as he had to take on various jobs prior to his emergence to the movie scene, in course of sustenance.  Neeson has been able to grow and develop into arguably one of the best actors of his era, a height  he has managed to reach, as a result of his immense, and persistent attitude of hard-work, and although his career saw up and downs at certain points, he has always kept his pattern to work and level of hard-work the same.

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