Lionel Messi NET WORTH: Journey To Success

The game of football, believed to being one of the most popular sports, continues to entertain its viewers, the fans and spectators with so many great talents, but uncommon is still the case of one who comes along, and with his much driven prowess,  blows the crowd of their feet, providing the spectacle with mind-blowing and priceless moments, it can however then by said that there only a few, similar to the Argentine la pulga.

Lionel Andreas Messi Cuccittini, is an Argentine football player who plays club football for the Spanish side Barcelona FC . He was born on the 24th of June 1987, in central Argentina, Rosario where he grew up. He has a traced ancestry of both Italian and Spanish forefathers.

The Argentine is valued to have a net-worth of about $400 million, an outcome from his large wage as the Catalonian club’s star, in a mix with his various endorsement deals.

Messi, growing up in the rural Argentina, had love for only one thing being football, which saw him playing football regularly with his siblings and cousins, and at various other occasions,  resorting  to playing alone as he was so fond of the game.  From an early age of six, he had already began playing as a youth footballer for a local club, Newell’s old boys,  there at Argentina. He sadly got diagnosed of a growth immune syndrome, at just the age of ten. This however meant that he needed surgery, and although his dad was privileged to insurance rights from the company he worked for, this wasn’t enough to source the amount needed to facilitate his sons surgery. Also, notwithstanding the fact that he had to a great extent impressed his present club, they were not however financially stable to take care of  his surgery.

Through relatives of his parents in Catalonia, they were however able to arrange a trial with the Spanish giants, Barcelona FC, who had through their sponsors at time agreed to provide for his surgery. A trial in which he also shone at. Following his signature for the Catalan side, he started training with the team, but was only able to compete professionally at Catalan domestic league, as existing laws at that time prevented him from taking part in senior engagements in Europe.

The following season saw him begin to feature in matches, where he began to show his worth and quality. In line with quality he showed in club duty, he unsurprisingly attained call-up to the national team of his country,  Argentina, where he has fought a great deal to helping the team attain glory, a feat which unfortunately hasn’t been reached by the senior team, having made it to three finals in  which they had all lost.

At club level, he has continued to blossom, breaking new records, winning various trophies, awards such as five Ballond’ors,  and aiding in maintaining their status as one of Europe’s best, and undoubtedly the world’s.

Messi has been reported to have signed a contract deal which will see him earn $5 million in excess to his previous annual income of $7 million from salaries and bonuses. A salary which sees him earning a weekly wage of $667,000 a week. This in conjunction with his various sponsorship deals, such as those with giant fashion company, adidas, Hawkers sunglasses, and Pepsi, has made him set to realize an estimated total of $130 million, making him solidify his position as one of the top three present highest earners in football.

Ranked as one of the best ever football player of all time, he is often described as one who doesn’t have to stress himself to enjoy his game and always provide quality, an opinion which he has denoted, as not being completely true, explaining that it has taken him, over seventeen years of continually working from early periods of the day to late in the day, to reach an height presumed by people as an `overnight  success’. .

Growing up he had eye for one thing, and only one thing alone, which was to play football, and although being posed with the challenge of his serious health issue from a young age, this didn’t mar his plight to achieve his dreams. He got to prove himself when presented the chance, and although being a  great in history of the popular sport, he has admirably  tried to become even better each year, supporting the believe that success is attained only by hard-work, and consistency.

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