Logan Paul NET WORTH: Journey To Success

Logan Paul Net Worth

In our era greatly affected by the influence of the various social media platforms, with which people use to primarily connect with each other, share views and ideas, advertise and create  publicity, for sales purposes as well as various other uses.  It is however uncommon to record an interesting rise to fame, of an ordinary individual through the means of the social media. Logan Paul can be inferably said to be a celebrity who gained rocketing popularity through the online means of an online social tool.

Logan Alexander Paul is an American musician, actor, and white-collar boxer, who attained his immense online personality through a  former online video platform.

He was born on the first day of April 1995, in west lake, Ohio, United States. He has proclaimed having roots from Israel, Germany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England, he presently lives in Los-Angeles, California.

He is recorded to have a net-worth of approximately $14 million, a pile accumulated from various sources including his various YouTube channel which has each recorded millions of subscribers. He could be described as having the great ability of constantly  growing  YouTube channels having even his dead dog’s and parrot’s channel, with over 3 million and 1.3 million subscribers respectively, and has been recorded that he began making of videos on YouTube at the early age of just ten, but surprisingly had the  main source of his growth to a wide Internet personality, originating from the former online video platform, Vine, where he was in 2015  ranked as the 10th most influential personality on the platform.

Having attended high school where he played and represented his school, as well as his state, Ohio in football as a linebacker, he subsequently got admitted to the Ohio university after his high school, to study Industrial Engineering, but decided to quit college in 2014, in quest to continue with and grow his online personality, which saw him relocating away from Ohio to Los Angeles.

Following his big decision,  he concentrated on his various YouTube channel and creating regular contents, he has among his various channels, a daily vlog channel, where he posted  videos everyday until a break on the 1st of January in 2018, the channel has generated over 5 million subscribers since its inception.

His fame kept on growing, attracting with it a constant increase in his amount of subscribers, as well as interests from various movie directors, which have seen him star in quite a few ones, including the popular T.V series,  law and order. It has also been disclosed that he was meant to appear as a minor cast in the 2016 blockbuster, Baywatch. Among others are the 2015 film, chain saw, 2016 thinning, its 2018 sequel, and 2017 can’t take it back.

Logan has also taken on various other careers as his height of popularity continues to increase, such as singing, and recently amateur boxing, in which he is set to feature in a rematch, against opponent popularly known as KSI.

The recognition of Logan’s interest and love in something he knew and believed he could do, led to him taking a chance, when he had to ditch his educational plight to follow and concentrate on a different path, this wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t believed it was possible to pull it off, his believe, confidence, and the  self-assurance he had that he could make his dream a reality,  could be deduced to be the driving force to his success.

Some occasions, often  require one to exhibit a level of confidence, and believe to ace certain tests in life that could prove to be telling, live-changing, and key to one’s victory.

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