Luis Suarez Football Statistics To Success

He was born in Salto in Uruguay, he plays as a Centre-Forward also as a Right and Left Winger. He was born January 24,1987 and his agent is Media Base Sports. He first came on the football scene at the age of 20 years and 14 days with 106 matches with 55 goals scored February 7,2007, he played 6 matches in the Uruguay U20 team at the age of 20 years 5 months with 2 goals and he played at the age of 25 years 5 months for the U23 and played for Uruguay Olympia July 26,2012 under the supervision of Coach Oscar Tabarez at the age of 25 years 6 months. Luis Suarez is the brother of 3 brothers named Paola Suarez, Diego Suarez who are both Retired and Maximiliano Suarez who last play for Universidad O&M.

He played for Nacional U19 in season 04/05 he joined Nacional January 1,2005 and July 1,2006 season 06/07 we see him join the FC Groningen at the fee of 800 Thousand Euros. Season 07/08 August 9,2007 he went on to join Ajax with the Market Value of 1 million Euros and amazing few of 7.50 Million Euros and January 31,2011 season 10/11 he moved to Liverpool Fc and the England team with the MV of 25 Million Euros and the fee of 26.50 Million Euros. He moved in season 14/15 he joined FC Barcelona for the fee of 81,72 Million Euros with a staggering MV of 52 Million Euros. Which is totaled at 116,52 Million Euros. 

His current Market Value is 60 Million Euros which was last updated December 21,2018 and his Highest MV is 90 Million Euros as of November 22,2015. He has a dual citizenship of Uruguay and Italy. He joined Fc Barcelona July 11,2014 his contract expires June 30,2021 and his last contract extension was December 16,2016. He played in The La Liga were he scored 21 goals with 6 wonderful assists with 5 yellow cards all played in 2,739’ minutes, Champions League he gave 5 beautiful assists and sadly with 2 yellow cards played in 720’ minutes while in The Copa del Rey 313’ minutes in the game with 3 goals scored with 1 assist and 2 yellow cards.  Supercopa saw him only play for 90’ minutes.

He won Uruguayan Champion for the Club Nacional in 05/06, won  Footballer of the year for Netherlands in 2010, Player of the year for Copa America 2011, he won Top Scorer 5 times in 09/10 TOTO KNVB beker with 8 goals, in the same year for Eredivise with 35 goals for the team, 13/14 with 11 goals for the World Cup Qualification South America and 31 goals in the Premier League and finally 15/16 with an outstanding 40 goals in LaLiga. He added more awards from The UEFA League as the Supercup Winner for FC Barcelona 15/16, also adding Copa America Winner for Uruguay in 10/11 and Uruguayan Champion for Club Nacional 05/06.

During the won 2 awards in FIFA Club World Cup Winner, won in 09/10 Dutch Cup Winner for Ajax Amsterdam and Dutch Champion for the same Ajax Amsterdam in 10/11. He went on to add more trophies as the Spanish Super Cup Winner for FC Barcelona in three seasons also winning 4 times as The Spanish Cup Winner for 4 seasons. We see him add more trophies for FC Barcelona as The Spanish Champion for 3 seasons in a roll then he moved onto the English League to take the English League Cup Winner for Liverpool in 2012. He became a Champions League Winner for FC Barcelona in 14/15 and Footballer of the year during his stay at Ajax Amsterdam in 2010 while winning the Player of the year for Uruguay in season 10/11 and finally becoming Top Scorer for Ajax Amsterdam twice in 09/10 also winning Top Scorer for Uruguay in 13/14 then in the same year for Liverpool FC and lastly for FC Barcelona 15/16 making that 5 times Top Scorer.

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