Manuel Neuer Football Statistics To Success

Born March 27, 1986 Gelsenkirchen, West Germany born to a lovely family and has a brother Marcel who is a footballer referee. At age 2 he started playing football with his brother so much that he neglected his studies but he grew up he grew more fond of football that he had to enroll in Gesamtschule Berger Fled just like the great Mesut Ozil. He made his official debut on the field at the age of 5 where he played at Schalke and performed exceptionally well and caught the eye of the coach before long he became a professional level goalkeeper. He currently plays for Bayern Munich where he joined July 1,2011 and his contract expires June 30,2021 and he is outfitted by Adidas. 

Manuel joined Germany U18 May 20, 2004 and Germany U19 September 15, 2004 when he was just 18 years then September 14,2005 he joined Germany U20 at 19. August 15, 2006 he joined Germany U20 when he was 20 and coached by Dieter Eilts and then joined Germany national team by the age of 23 on June 2,2009 and coached by Joachim Low. In season 01/02 July 1, 2001 he left Schalke 04 Jgd to join Schalke 04 U17 and in the following season joined Schalke 04 U19. July 1, 2005 he then joined FC Schalke 04 with a rising Market Value of 75 Thousand Euro and finally he left FC Schalke 04 and joined Bayern Munich with an incredibly MV of 28 Million Euro and a fee of 30 Million Euro. His current MV is 22 Million Euro as of December 18, 2018 and his Highest MV is 45 Million Euro as of February 4, 2015. 

He was ranked number 343 amongst all players worldwide, ranked number 50 amongst all players of the Bundlesliga then ranked number 15 amongst all players at Bayern Munich. He was then ranked number 29 amongst all players from Germany, ranked number 15 amongst all players playing as Goalkeeper and ranked number 7 amongst all players born in 1986. Manuel won Footballer of the Year 2 time while played for Germany in 2011 and 2014, he won 4 times German Super Cup while in Bayern Munich, he also won UEFA Super Cup while in Bayern in season 13/14. In 2009 Germany U21 won European U21 Champion in 2009 then he and his team Bayern Munich won FIFA Club World Cup in 2014 and then won German Cup 4 times while he was in Bayern Munich. He won 4 times Goalkeeper of the Year, Fritz Walter Silver medalist for Germany and then 4 times World’s Best Goalkeeper. He received the Golden Glove award and Man of the Match against Italy in the Euro 2016.

In season 18/19 Manuel appeared 26 times,23 conceded goals,11 clean sheets and 1 yellow card with 84% starting eleven and 83% minutes during the Bundlesliga, Champions League saw him make 8 appearances, 8 conceded goals, 4 clean sheets with 100% starting eleven and 100% minutes. In DFB-Pokal he made 2 appearances, 1 conceded goal, 1 clean sheet with 40% starting eleven, 38% minutes while in the DFL Supercup he appeared 1 time and 1 clean sheet with 100% starting eleven and 100% minutes.

It’s a known fact that he is Catholic and a religious person and not only does he help out he is a part of charities working towards the betterment of kids in the rural areas and he is married to his longtime girlfriend Nina Weiss in Austria May 2017 and he is an active member that campaigns against child poverty and he also has charity foundation named The Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation.

Manuel just shows you that you have to love what you do.

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