Marcelo Vieira Football Statistics To Success

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior born May 12, 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil born to Marcelo Snr.  And Maria da Silva and a sister where they grew up in a poor neighborhood and his parents earned really low. His dad was a fire fighter and his mom was a teacher and in order to change his family’s life he decided to be a footballer to take care of his family plus he was also known as a happy child and he believed that in anything one did they had to be happy no matter their substance. Marcelo started playing football on the streets and the beach, where he started playing five a side when he was 9 and when he turned 13 he joined a popular Brazilian youth club called Fluminense. He has a dual citizenship for Brazil and Spain, he is a left foot player and his main position is Left Back and plays as a Left Midfield as well and he is currently plays for Real Madrid where he joined January 1, 2007 his contract expires June 30, 2022 and his agent is LifePro. 

He joined joined Brazil national team at the age of 18 September 5, 2006 and he also joined Brazil Olympic team August 7, 2008 at 20 and was coached by Dunga. In season 05/06 he left Fluminense U20 and joined Fluminense and the following season we see him join Real Madrid with a Market Value of 6, 50 Million Euro same as his fee. His current MV as of February 20, 2019 was 35 Million Euro and his Highest MV is 70 Million Euro as of October 31, 2018.

From season 07/08 Marcelo had Muscular problems which took him out for 3 days, 11/12 he had a muscle injury which took him out of 2 games and in the following season he had a Metatarsal fracture where by he missed 18 games and was out for 84 days, in the same season he had a hamstring injury where he missed out on 6 games and was out for 24 days. Season 13/14 he had another hamstring injury which was in September 2013 and a torn muscle fibre which was in March 31, 2014 he missed out on 10 days and was out for 38 days then he had a minor knock which took him out for 21 days and he missed 4 games. He then had shoulder,muscle injury and influenza in season 16/17 which took him out for 41 days and missed 5 games then he had muscular problems, muscle injury, Lumbago, torn muscle bundle and a strain as well. 

Marcelo was ranked number 169 amongst all players worldwide, ranked number 42 amongst all players in the LaLiga then ranked number 11 amongst all players at Real Madrid. He was also ranked number 22 amongst all players from Brazil, ranked number 8 amongst all players playing as Left Back and ranked number 11 amongst all players born in 1988. He won 3 times UEFA Super Cup for Real Madrid, won the Confederations Cup for Brazil in 2013, 4 times FIFA Club World Cup while in Real Madrid then won Spanish Super Cup for Real Madrid 3 times. He also won Spanish Cup for his team Real Madrid, also won 4 times Spanish Champion and 4 times Champions League for Real Madrid.

He is married to his longtime girlfriend Clarice Albee’s in 2008 and on the 24th September 2009 they welcomed their first child and named his Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira and their second son was born September 1, 2015. He looks and respects his grandfather so much he has a tattoo of him on his body.

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