Mukesh Ambani Journey To Success: NET WORTH

Dedication being a word used to describe the subtle virtue of devoting wholly and earnestly, to a particular course, or mission. This can be said to have been one of the major driving forces, and instrumental or core tools, to becoming an establishment or successful individual, one of those to be categorized as such individuals,  is the business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, is a an Indian business Industrialist, who was born on the 19th of April, 1957, in Yemen. He is the chairman, and the owner of the largest stake on the Reliance Industries, an industry which, in which overtime, has developed, and evolved to become the largest in India in terms of market value. The presiding chairman resides in Mumbai in  his home country, India, in a building whose value is estimated to be up to a billion dollar.

The sixty-two year old is estimated by Forbes, to having a net worth of around $50 billion in the year 2019, making him the wealthiest man in his continent.

Growing up in a humble family, he developed interests in sports, mainly football and hockey. He however acquired a degree from the Institute of Chemical Engineering in Matunga, as a Chemical Engineer, subsequent to his high school education in Mumbai.  He went on to get an admission into Stanford university, but his plight in the university was subject to a premature end, as he was called by his father, to assist with the completion of a project awarded to his father’s establishment. His return saw him commence work as a regular employee, instead of any managerial, or executive post. But gradually he continued to develop and gain more experience from his superintendents. Reliance communications limited was founded by Mukesh, and then also, the construction of a petroleum plant at just the age of twenty-four.

Upon the sad death of his dad  in 2002, Mukesh acclaimed managemental head of the Reliance industries limited , together with the Indian petroleum corporation limited. Mukesh through his control of the companies, helped facilitate the development and expansion of the various enterprises, as of 2010, the refinery led by him, had been estimated to producing an enormous total of over thirty million barrels of petroleum. In 2016, he facilitated the creation, and launch of 4g broadband mobile phones, LYF. The mobile company would later go on that year, to become the largest purchased mobile phone in the whole of India.

Through his business career, he had recorded control of various companies and establishments under the Reliance industry’s umbrella. He through his love for the game he loved since childhood, aided the founding of the Indian super league, and is also the executive owner of the Mumbai Indians. He has also acclaimed the official position of  the  director of the Bank Of America.

Mukesh has been privileged to be a recipient of various honors, and awards, at least ten, being in appreciation for his various philanthropic gestures, his positive impact on the Indian international trade, or foreign affairs, or basically due to his standings as one of the top fifteen individuals on the globe, with regards to the amount of accumulated  earnings.

As a billionaire, his rise to his present rankings has been an evidence of years of discipline, and hard-work. He although being brought up  from a modest background, has worked tirelessly, to consolidate on the establishment left in his care. Through a vision to be one of the most recognized business outlets in the world, and a set of well planned strategies targeted to aid achieving this, he has succeeded in enabling his once little organization, become a globally recognized outlet, and by it also making the Ambani name a symbol representing royalty worldwide.

Rashed Miah
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