Neymar Net Worth: Journey To Success

The world of football is that presents fun, excitement and unity of individuals all over the world, the popular sport which has no exact origin, has evolved to become one, largely enjoyed by almost every nation of the world, both male and female. The sport has seen the emanation of some unique individuals, one of which is Neymar Jr.

Neymar De Silva Santos Junior, is a Brazilian Portuguese, and a professional footballer who plays for the international senior team of his country Brazil, and a French football club Paris Saint Germain. Born on the 5th of February 1992, at a place called Mogi Das Cruzes, in Brazil, the twenty seven year old now resides in Paris France, after making his then record transfer worth about €222 million from the Spanish giants Barcelona FC.

He is estimated to have incurred a net worth of about a hundred and eighty million dollars after signing for the French side in a contract that places him among one of the highest paid football players, judging through their weekly wages, with also multiple endorsement deals.

Neymar ever since a young age, just like his dad Neymar Sr. Who he looked up to ,could be described to have loved any form of football, he took part just like many young kids, in street football and combined that also with futsal, which he also loved, he started playing at an early age, which saw him acclaim success at the youth internationals. After relocating with his family, he finally joined Santos FC, which saw him earning quite an admirable, and laudable monthly salary at the club, but this did not make the future Olympic winner, to feel relaxed and settle for just what he had, as he continued to put in more through his dedication and determination.

He finally had his call to stardom in 2013, when he got signed by the La Liga side FC Barcelona, where he really improved and got the opportunity to play along football greats such as the multiple Ballon D’or winner Lionel Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Sergio Busquet, Luis Suarez, and so many more, he played for the Spanish Giants for over four years, before making his big money move to the French club Paris Saint Germain, which made him the most expensive player in the world, although been occasionally impaired by injury, the young athlete continues to break more grounds, and attain greater heights.

Neymar till date has been honored, with various trophies, and titles for both club and country, such as the Olympics with Brazil, his continental treble season with Barcelona, the coupe de league, and coupe de France with PSG , and so many others, as well as quite a few individual accolades. One of the highlights of his career came when he finished second runner up in the quest for the 2015 Ballon D’or award.

Neymar since childhood had a unique love for football, this drove him to the golden chase to attain the best he could from the sport, but  in contrast to this,  many people go after lines of occupation they believe will gain them respect or wealth, well this often might produce success, but along the line, one might begin to grow tired and bored with it, as the joy and sense of accomplishment of doing what is loved my someone is awol.

In life it is advisable to quest for that which one enjoys doing, and strive to be successful in that, because although accomplishment and other financial rewards might not flare immediately, it does so eventually, and one gets to operate in this field in a manner that yields joy, and in a pattern he/she could never finds old.

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