N’golo Kante Football Statistics To Success

Born March 29, 1991 in Paris, France. His parents migrated to France from Mali and he is the first child of four children. His died when he was 11 and from there he took it upon himself to assist cater for his family so he started picking up trash to recycle to make money for his family while his mom did cleaning jobs to put food on the table and he was determined to be successful and take care of his family. During the 1998 World Cup he was picking up the trash around the stadium to earn more money but he was astounded because he saw a different side of France and saw the glory and future of football stood on the shoulders of Migrants and he wanted to be one of the people to do that. Luckily for him shortly after the World Cup lots of football academies strung up so he joined one where he started his journey at JS Suresnes which was located in the western suburbs of Paris. He has dual citizenship for France and Mali, his main position is Central Midfield but plays Defensive Midfield as well he joined Chelsea FC July 16, 2016 and his contract expires June 30, 2023 and he is outfitted by Adidas.

He debut for the France National team March 25, 2016 when he was 24 and was coached by Didier Deschamps. In season 12/13 July 1, 2012 he left Boulogne B to join US Boulogne then in the following season he joined SM Caen for a free transfer and an increasing Market Value of 50 Thousand Euro. 15/16 August 3, 2015 he joined Leicester with an increased MV of 4, 50 Million Euro and fee of 9 Million Euro and then 16/17 July 16, 2016 he left Leicester and joined Chelsea FC with a whooping 20 Million Euro and fee of 35, 80 Million Euro which is a total of 44, 80 Million Euro since he started his career. As of December 19,2018 his current MV is the same as his Highest MV which is 100 Million Euro.

N’golo won Footballer of the year for France in 2017, he won Player of the Year in the Premier League in season 16/17 then English FA Cup Winner for Chelsea FC. He also won English Champion for Leicester and Chelsea FC in 2016 & 2017 also winning World Cup with France in 2018. In 2017 he won Footballer of the Year 2017 for France and Player of the Year for Chelsea FC in season 16/17. 

He was ranked number 11 amongst all players worldwide, ranked number 6 amongst all players of the Premier League and ranked number 2 amongst all players at Chelsea. He is ranked number 4 amongst all players from France, ranked number 1 amongst all players playing as Central Midfield and ranked number 4 amongst all players born in 1991. Since he started playing he has only sustained Hamstring injuries which took him out for 31 days and circulation problems so far in his football career. 

Season 18/19 he made 35 appearances, 4 goals, 4 assists with 4 yellow cards with 97% starting eleven,95% minutes played and 13% goal participation then in Europa League he made 9 appearances, 1 yellow card with 38% starting eleven, 42% minutes played. For the EFL Cup he made 5 appearances, 1 goal and 1 yellow card with 67% starting eleven, 73% minutes and a 6% goal participation then finally for FA Cup he made only 2 appearances and a yellow card with 33% starting eleven and 35% minutes. N’golo has gotten some much praises from his coaches, teammates and fans who love him for being dedicated and humble.

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