Nicki Minaj Journey To Success: NET WORTH

From life as an ordinary girl with just mere dreams, to attaining groundbreaking heights, the Trinbagonian has been subject to some expensive spendings, as a result of her wealthy status. It is however an unfamiliar matter as to the extent to which she is wealthy, or the various means through which she acquired it. We will therefore subsequently try to ascertain, and disclose these. She resides in Beverly Hills, although owning various other apartments.

Nicki Minaj is a professional rapper and actress, although recognized more for the former. Born Onika Tanya Maraj in the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobacco, on the 8th of December 1982, she has an African-Caribbean decent although also been able to have gained American citizenship.

Nicki has an estimated net-worth of about $85 million, an amount she has been able to converge through her dealings as a musician in conjunction with some other means.

Growing up Nicki attended an institution for performing arts, and after graduating she was keen on starting a career as an actress. She would following this, participate in quite a few plays, but was not able to attain much success at that time from her various acting endeavors. Part time in conjunction to her acting career, she took on various jobs to provide support, mostly however unstable due to various arising issues.

A new chapter was marked in her entertainment career, as she decided to take a new position as a rapper. Following her move to Brooklyn, she joined music group, Full Force in about 2004. She also began sending  her rap recordings to various established personalities she knew about, in hope to attain recognition and a possible bigger signing. After a series of recordings with the group, she would then sign with Dirty money entertainment in 2007.

Subsequent to her new record deal, she would then begin releasing various tracks, and would eventually drop an album in 2010. The album would debut as lead album on the U.S billboard. She has also managed to release various other albums, from which she has sold millions of copies enabling her becoming one of the best -selling artists.

Nicki has held a number of tours through the course of her career in relation to her tracks and albums. This has been one of the bolstering agents to her rich status, she also attends and performs at concerts, for which she has been reported to be making about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars from each.

With a level of popularity and world recognition, her plight to becoming established in the movie industry has been enhanced, as she has been able to star in quite a number of movies such as The other woman, Angry birds 2, and a few others, receiving quite some earnings for her acts. Nicki has also made various T.V appearances such as hosting the 2014 MTV Europe awards, and an American talent contest in which she earned a pay of $12 million dollars.

A whole different source through which she earns aside her music related dealings is her social media accounts. She own an instagram account with over a hundred million followers from which she receives hundreds of thousands of dollars on each sponsored content. Similar to this, her massive audience on her YouTube VEVO account aids her in generating a substantial amount monthly, although not as wholesome as her instagram earnings.

The climb to becoming a known name in the music world and equally in her other endeavors, has been one which has experienced occasional turbulences. Prior to her music career bloom, she had to take on quite a number of part time jobs, which produced discouraging turnouts, while still struggling and chasing her entertainment career. She however kept on with consistency and stayed true to her course, and through this was able to eventually land a contract, and with that has strived to attain her present position as one of the best selling artists in the music industry.

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