Paul Pogba Football Statistics To Success

Paul was born March 15,1993 in Lagny-sue-mane, France to Fassou Antoine and Yeo Moriba. His parents were Guinean Muslims and stayed in Guinea and moved to France for a better life before Paul was born. His father was a private person and didn’t connect or talk to his children that much but his mom made sure that she balanced out everything in the house by caring more about them and encouraging her kids to be better versions of themselves. Age 6 joined his first club US Roissy-en-Brie under their guidance he improved his craft very well and the next seven years saw him improve beyond expectations. He plays as a Central Midfield but plays as Defensive Mildfield and Attacking Midfield plus he is Ambipedal with agent called Mino Raiola and currently plays for Manchester United where he joined August 9, 2016 and he is outfitted by Adidas. He has two brothers who also plays football and their names are Florentin and Mathias Pogba.

Paul played in France U16 team then in February 2010 he played with the U17 team at the age of 16, we see him join the France U18 team October 6, 2010 coached by Pierre Mankowski at 17 which 6 matches played. France U19,U20 he played in the teams age 18 and 19 then he joins the Official team March 22, 2013 age 20 and coached by Didier Dechamps. He played as First Tier for Premier League January 31,2012 managed by Sir Alex Ferguson aged 18 then for Serie A in September 2012 managed by Massimo Carrera when he was 19.  

Season 07/08 July 1,2007 he left US Torcy Jugend  to join Le Havre U19 for a free transfer and in the following season he joined the Manchester United U18 squad, the following season he joined Manchester United U23 and in the same season January 1,2012 he joined the main Manchester United team. Season 12/13 August 3,2012 he had a Market Value of 3,50 Million Euro for a free transfer then in season 16/17 he went back to Manchester United with a well risen MV of 70 Million Euro and a rewarding fee of 105 Million Euro. He played in the youth clubs of US Roissy en Brie 1999-2006, US Torcy 2006-2007,AC Le Havre 2007-2009 and then Manchester United 2009-2012. His current MV as of March 5,2019 90 Million Euro the same as his Highest MV.

Paul was ranked number 17 amongst all players worldwide, in the Premier League he was ranked number 9 amongst all players in the Premier League then ranked number 1 amongst all players in the team. In France he was ranked number 5 amongst all players from France then he was ranked number 2 amongst all players playing as Central Midfield and ranked number 3 amongst all players born in 1993. He won Player of the year in the U20 World Cup 2013, France U20 won The World Cup Champion in 2013 then when he was in Manchester United in season 16/17 they won Europa League Winner. His team Juventus FC won The Italian Super Cup 2 times and won The Italian Cup twice in season 14/15 and 15/16. In four seasons back to back Juventus FC won Italian Champion and in 2017 His team Manchester United won English League Cup also his team France won the World Cup and he was also named Player of the Year while in France U20 team.

In season 14/15 Paul sustained a Hamstring injury and was out for 48 games,season 15/16 he had a distortion of the ankle and the following season had another Hamstring injury then had a Thigh muscle rupture that took him out for 63 days and his recent injury is a muscle injury which took him out for 13 days.

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